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Kick off the semester with an inside look at breaking into the working world or exploring graduate school. Our course, IDS 2935 “The Art of Getting Hired or Into Grad School,” is an interactive class that will help you select and pursue a career path. In this class you will learn research-supported techniques that have helped others get jobs, and then put them into practice to see how you can succeed in your own career path. The course is offered live and online during most semesters. If you’re still wondering what field is right for you, or if you’re itching to get your first internship or job, this class will give you tools to take you to the next level and beyond.

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What Students Are Saying About The Art of Getting Hired

“I expected to research careers… Instead, I learned how to bend the career search so it fits me more and to find myself in whatever I end up doing.”
Student, Spring 2017, The Art of Getting Hired
“I thought I was getting into a class in which I turned in a resume, personal statement, etc., and then learned some tips and tricks to landing that first job. I can’t remember a time I was more wrong. This class went above and beyond all of my expectations.”
Student, Spring 2017, The Art of Getting Hired
“I think the number one thing I achieved during the course was the expansion of my narrow-mindedness about the job market. I was so afraid that if what I thought was best for me didn’t work out, I would be a failure. The applications of the lessons I have learned in this class are essentially infinite. Switching my way of thinking about the job market has opened up countless doors.”
Student, Spring 2017, The Art of Getting Hired
“My goals at the start of this semester were to uncover a positive flow in terms of re-entering the business world. However, I believe this class has helped me to understand that it is not only my past experience that needs to be shown in a positive light, it is my overall approach and willingness to forgive myself for past failures.Thank you for helping me find my path.”
Student, Spring 2017, The Art of Getting Hired
“The setup of the course allowed me to understand myself better and slowly generate some ideas about my future. It also gave me tools to dive into the areas of my interest and do research that gave me a better knowledge of what the career path is like, what it requires to get there, and what kind of skill set I need to develop.”
Student, Spring 2017, The Art of Getting Hired
“This class gave me a blueprint for what to do when I’m interested in a career path and how to get as much information about it as possible.”
Student, Spring 2017, The Art of Getting Hired
“This class has helped me get over my fear of cold-contacting people over the phone. That’s going to be helpful in my future when I respond to job postings and phone interviews. I feel more confident in my ability to reach out to people who can help me pursue my career goals.”
Student, Spring 2017
“I feel more confident when I think about my future career. I’m not as nervous anymore. I feel more ready for that transition to graduate school.”
Student, Spring 2017, The Art of Getting Hired
“I learned about solving career problems with a step-by-step process. It changed the way I tackle not only my career problems, but any problems in my life.”
Student, Spring 2017, The Art of Getting Hired
“Overall, this class went above and beyond my expectations. I came in hoping I’d learn to tailor a resume, and instead I learned how to tackle all my career problems, and that’s something most classes don’t give any insight into. Thank you!”
Student, Spring 2017, The Art of Getting Hired

What You’ll Learn in the Class

“The Art of Getting Hired” is a new course centered on Design Theory that addresses unmet career development needs among students in UF’s most popular majors, psychology and business. It teaches students an action-oriented, reflective process and incorporates research-supported concepts that enhance career success and employment, including grit, flow, and Job Search Work Teams. “The Art of Getting Hired” guides students in “building their way forward” from where they are now toward not only a first job but a successful lifelong career path. If you are a UF student, you should take the course to:

  • Ensure you are taking care of the career items that can easily be delayed or avoided
  • Learn about yourself and what you really want to do in an action-oriented way
  • Use a research-based process to define and reach your career goals
  • Learn techniques to get hired or into graduate school

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this course serve as a replacement to What is the Good Life (IDS1161)?
  2. Does the course have a final?
    • At this time no, there are culminating projects that students will work on throughout the term.
  3. Is the course all about resumes, cover letters, interviewing and professionalism?
    • While we do spend a lot of time on these topics, the course is helps you cultivate the mindset of career readiness using design thinking, as well as, getting access to the hidden job market.
  4. There are a lot of IDS 2935 courses how do I register for the course?
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