Resources for Startups and Small Business

When you are simultaneously CEO, CFO, COO, and HR, you need to be able to connect with candidates quickly and efficiently. The Career Connections Center understands that startups and small businesses are an engine for job creation and its critical to have the tools to get connected with University of Florida talent.

Our services can be customized to fit your recruitment needs. Whether you are looking to hire your first intern or a new member of your growing team, you can gain access to the talent you need to expand your organization by partnering with the Gator Nation.

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Campus Recruiting Information Created for You

Visit our Resource Library to access tips and strategies for connecting with various demographics of the UF student population. Our resources include content tailored for small organizations who are looking to structure internships and write job descriptions.

Additionally, attend our free Employer University webinars to learn more about special topics that speak to your needs to recruit from the University of Florida.


Set up a free consultation with one of our staff members to create a customized recruitment strategy that meets your hiring needs. Discuss all the center’s services available to you and decide which ones are best suited to assist you in growing your team.

Our employer relations team is here to help. Schedule a consultation today to begin recruiting our talented students.

Gator CareerLink – Job Postings and More

Gator CareerLink (GCL) is the university’s online portal for all things career. Let Gator CareerLink be your first stop for recruiting full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. It’s free and easy to post positions and attract candidates. GCL is our online database open exclusively to all UF students and alumni.

Startup Job & Internship Fair

The Career Connections Center offers a variety of affordable career fairs throughout the year, with the Startup Job & Internship Fair being tailored for organizations such as yours. This event is ideal for companies in their early phases of business development who have 80 or less employees. This event attracts over 500 students interested in starting up their career with your organization.

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