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Interviewing early can help you identify top candidates, access diverse applicants, and increase your organization’s visibility. The Career Connections Center currently coordinates an average of 550 employer visits and 9,000 interviews each academic year. With Gator CareerLink (GCL), arranging interviews with UF students and alumni has never been easier. Interviews on campus can be conducted in person or online to fit the student or an employer’s needs. Use Gator CareerLink to reserve space for interviewing, request specific dates, and manage applicants through one seamless interface.

More Information

To make your request for scheduling your interviews at the University of Florida:

  • Log in to GCL 
  • Click on ‘On-campus Interviews’
  • Select the ‘Request a Schedule’ button

Be sure to book your dates early, as this service is very popular. Once your request has been made, requests are approved within 48 hours.

Types of Interview Schedules Available

The Career Connections Center provides various schedule types to aid employers in scheduling their interviews with UF candidates. Below are the different interview schedules available for your customized use:

Open schedule allows any applicant that meets your screening criteria to submit their resume and sign up for an interview time.
You can use the preselect schedule to “invite” candidates to an interview. Chosen candidates then select from the available times to interview.
Preselect to open schedule allows any applicants who meet your screening criteria to sign up for remaining interview times after your “invited” candidates have selected their interview times. This feature allows you to more fully complete your interview schedule.
Use self schedule/room reservation only to reserve an interview room. This options allows you to source candidates and self-schedule interviews. We simply provide the room to interview and you take care of the rest. This is great for holding interviews in a short time frame.

The Career Connections Center encourages employers to consider their screening criteria when when creating your interview schedule. There are four key criteria: major, graduation date, degree level and citizenship type. This helps you to gather resumes from your ideal candidate population.

Alternative Interviews (Phone/Virtual):

Employers who are unable to be physically present to conduct their scheduled interviews are able to request an alternative arrangement for interviewing with our students and alumni. The Career Connections Center has several interview rooms equipped with technology necessary to conduct phone and online interviews. If you can’t make it to campus for your interviews, consider an alternative way to connect with UF candidates*.  

To make your request for an alternative interview:

  • Log in to GCL (link to: /employergcl)
  • Click on ‘on-campus interviews’
  • Select the ‘request a schedule’ button
  • Select an alternative interview option from the ‘location’ drop down menu

*UF students and alumni can also reserve a space with the career center to support their remote interview with an employer. Feel free to share this resource with students if you are hosting online or phone interviews with UF candidates.

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