Recruit UF Students Virtually

Our virtual recruiting services offer you the opportunity to connect with University of Florida students and alumni without even having to step a foot on campus. We provide solutions for your recruiting needs such as participating in career fairs, interviewing candidates, and participating in programs from wherever you are located. We market our events to both of our online and campus communities, and our alumni.

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Other Virtual Fairs

Throughout an academic year, the Career Connections Center participates in hundreds of online career fairs across the country to support UF students and alumni. Please visit Gator CareerLink events page for more information on other virtual fairs the University of Florida is a part of to support the employability and reach of the Gator Nation

Virtual Interviews

Don’t let travel plans stop you from interviewing students and alumni at the University of Florida. The Career Connections Center interview rooms are configured and available for students and employers to connect online. Schedule your virtual interviews on campus and allow students to meet with you online through the center. It’s easy and convenient.

For more information on how to schedule your virtual interviews please visit our interviews page.

Customize Your Virtual Recruiting Needs

The Career Connections Center is always looking for and adding ways for students and employers to connect beyond the facilities on campus. If you would like to engage our campus in a new way online or in-person using technology, please feel free to connect with our employer relations staff. We invite you to connect with us if you have specific virtual or technology needs for your recruiting strategy.


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