Employment opportunities and career plans change, and as they do, we want you to know how to leverage your skills and experiences to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities that await you. If you have definite career plans in mind, be flexible and make changes as you need to. If you are developing your career plans, lean more information about yourself, reflect on your experiences, and make short and long term plans to help identify your next steps.

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Enhance your ability to be a competitive candidate even if you don’t have confirmed career plans.

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GCL is the career portal that connects you to employment opportunities, career fairs, workshops, and tools. Log in and review the features that help you address your current career preparation needs.


Taking the Steps to Excel

Many factors affect the major and career you choose. These factors include: the economy, chance, personality, skills, major, culture, location, values, family, interests, and thousands of others. The choices you make will have an effect on your future.

It’s okay to change plans or direction even in your final semester. New information or clarity about your values may cause you to view options in a different light.

It is not possible to make a choice without taking a risk. Each time you make a choice, you rule out other possibilities and open your life to unexpected events and changes. Unplanned events can seem negative, but unexpected twists can turn out quite well!

Ways to Excel

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