Sophie Ebihara

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Internship with adidas

Junior, College of Health and Human Performance

“No matter what you want to do following graduation, an internship is a valuable way to learn about an industry, grow your network and more importantly, deepen your own career passions. While this internship was not related to my field of study, nor in my original sights as a career path, it made me consider a career in sport licensing and opened many new doors for me within the adidas organization. I will forever be grateful for my time spent as an adidas intern, and respect the Three Stripe Life.”

Erica Eldayrie

Career Action Plan Graphic

Part-Time Work Experience

UF Alum, Class of 2018, Criminology Major

“My most meaningful involvement on campus was my part-time job as a student assistant. I was consistently supported by staff who taught how to be a professional while empowering me in crafting my own career goals. It was through this experience that I realized I wanted to pursue graduate school and I had a support system to guide me through it. Faculty and Staff at the University of Florida understood that I was a student first and supplemented my classroom knowledge with meaningful hands on experience. Part-time work on campus was more than just a paycheck but an ideal platform to give back to the University of Florida, while learning a few things about myself along the way.”

Erica will be attending graduate school at the London School of Economics for Public Policy starting Fall 2018.

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