Whether you need to figure out what you want to study or have it all planned out, staff members at the Career Connections Center can help you learn about yourself and identify major and career options.

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Enhance your ability to be a competitive candidate even if you don’t have confirmed career plans.

Gator CareerLink

GCL is the career portal that connects you to employment opportunities, career fairs, workshops, and tools. Log in and review the features that help you address your current career preparation needs.


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Industry and Employer Exploration

While self-exploration is critical, industry exploration is equally important and often overlooked. Discover our career communities to help you explore job functions, organizations, and industry needs that relate to your career goals. Take your time and learn about industry expectations for the career paths you’re interested in. Our college-embedded liaisons as well as our Employer 2Student Programs, Road Maps, Employer Information Sessions, Career Connections Mentoring, Career Fairs, Gator CareerLink Employer Directory, Career Fairs will help.

The following resources or tools complement our industry exploration services:

  • Connect with employers at on campus or virtual career fairs
  • Establish your LinkedIn account and connect to UF alumni

Out for Work is a complimentary competent in total educational experience of LGBT students, primarily in the development, evaluation and initiation and implementation of career plans and opportunities.

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