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Supervisor Toolkit

Managing Student Employees

Hiring/Recruitment -

Job descriptions, pull together hiring timelines, DSA work hiring, specifics about the positions.

a. Sample job description: link to PDF examples

b. Sample email to candidates: link to PDF with email notifying the candidates that they have been invited to interview, confirm interview details, regrets email

c. Sample student employee interview questions: needs to be combined and departments removed

d. Interview layout/schedule examples: needs to be created

Onboarding -

New hire orientation/training, New Staff Handbook.

a. New supervisor checklist- Needs to be created

b. About Me- Link to resource

c. Example of onboarding resources- Needs to be put together

d. Role Agreement and Learning Plan- Link to resource

e. Sample Onboarding/ Training Schedule- Need additional examples

f. List of required UF Trainings

Professional Development -

Ongoing staff training, Performance Evaluations.

a. Student Employee Evaluation- Need to create a supervisor how to

b. One on One Resources- Need to be created/ put together as a manual

c. Campus Resources- Link to PDF

d. Gator Professional Series- Link to website

i. Gator Professional Series (GPS) is a self-paced and interactive, online video series that guides you through:

1. Refining your resumes and cover letters

2. Practicing interviews, elevator pitches, organizing your search and networking

3. Developing answers to “Tell Me About Yourself” or “Why You Are a Good Fit”

4. Reflecting and effectively communicating your attributes, knowledge, skills, and experiences

e. Supervision Self-Assessment Questions-

1. How would you define your supervision style?

2. What are some good things about how you supervise?

3. What are some challenges about how you supervise?

4. On a scale of 1-10 currently how effective do you think your supervision style is?

5. Is your style the same with everyone you supervise? Why or why not?

6. Has it changed over the years? Why or Why Not?

f. Student Employee Appreciation Week - Need details for this

Offboard -

Exit Interviews.

a. Professional References and Employee Departure- Link to PDF

Competency Resources -

a. Intro into why infuse competency into training

i. Critical Thinking

1. The ability to process and interpret information objectively in order to make decisions and inform future actions.

ii. Communication Skills

1. Ability to effectively exchange thoughts and ideas with diverse others through active listening, speaking for understanding, writing to convey accurate information, and interpreting non-verbal interactions.

iii. Teamwork

1. Ability to collaborate, manage conflict, and actively contribute to a common goal within a diverse team structure.

b. Link to training created based on competencies

c. DSA LinkedIn Learning Courses

i. Communication

ii. Critical Thinking

iii. Teamwork

UF Human Resource Toolkits -

a. Leadership Toolkits

b. Teamwork and Collaboration Toolkit