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2/10/2020 written by Oliver Monaghan, Career Connections Center

Interview season is upon us! Employers will be inviting candidates to meet with them in person or virtually. Did you know that there are do’s and don’ts for interviewing on camera? These are six tips for nailing that virtual interview.

1. Find a quiet, comfortable, and well-lit place in your home for your interview. If you know your roommates are inclined to blast that new Lil’ Baby song at any moment, then completing the virtual interview at home may not be the best choice. If your home is the only option then make sure your roommates know the exact start and end time of your interview. Additionally, make sure the background of your environment is suitable. Remove any posters, make sure the area that is visible on camera is tidy, and put away any distracting pets during your interview time.

If you aren’t comfortable with interviewing at home then check with the Career Connections Center for availability. There are 21 interview rooms, which have great noise cancelation, appropriate lighting and reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Students can reserve these rooms by checking into the front desk at the Career Connections Center. Rooms cannot be reserved by students in advance, thus it is important to come to the Career Connections Center early to make sure you get a room. Students can use the interview rooms between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Keep in mind that interview rooms at the Career Connections Center are often used by employers to conduct in person interviews with UF students, and the most popular time for this is right after the Career Showcase in the fall and spring.

2. Practice recording yourself before the interview or ask friends to give their opinions on how you sound. Sometimes your voice can appear much different than how you imagine it to be. Determine whether your voice comes off as friendly, or if you need to practice inflection with your speaking style.

3. Dress as if you were attending the interview in person, which means business professional attire. Just because it’s a virtual interview, it’s still your first impression with an employer. IMPORTANT: make sure to wear professional bottoms as well. There is a chance that you might have to grab headphones or go to the bathroom during the interview, forcing you to reveal those dapper sweatpants.


4. Prepare your notes of the given company and questions before the interview. An advantage of virtual interviews is that you can have your notes and questions handy on your computer screen while conducting the interview.

5. In the beginning of the interview make sure to greet the employer and ask how their day is going. Virtual interviews are less personable than in-person interviews, therefore make sure to connect with the interviewer as much as possible in the beginning and end stages.

6. Display to the interviewer that you are listening and attentive to what they are saying. Nodding your head when appropriate and keeping the camera at eye level are some ways to improve in this aspect. It is also important to show enthusiasm and remember to smile!

Virtual interviews are not something to be fearful of. Assuring that everything is set up on the technology side of things, a main advantage of virtual interviews is that they are “virtual”. Looking into a camera can be more comforting than in-person interviews for many people. I hope that these tips were helpful to you and remember…wear pants!

What’s worked for you in a virtual interview? Tell us below!