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Students who are taking courses online, studying abroad, or completing an internship outside of campus may participate in all the virtual events offered by the Career Connections Center. We’re here to help you no matter where you may be physically located.

We host several virtual job fairs and an annual online graduate fair. Employers with jobs or internships set up virtual “booths” with information about their company, open positions, advancement opportunities, compensation, and culture. The “booths” are often attended by recruiters and hiring managers eager to chat with interested students and alumni.

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The Virtual Job or Graduate/Professional School Search

Finding a job or graduate school is not a numbers game where some believe you should apply to a multitude of schools or numerous open positions to raise the probability of receiving an interview. While this strategy may work at times, it can also be a very trying experience with rejection and time wasted.

An efficient job or graduate school research strategy is to target your applications toward organizations or institutions you are most likely to get or are interested in applying to. The same principle applies to virtual job career or graduate fairs.

It’s important to do your homework by researching organizations during your virtual search. Use resources such as Gator CareerLink, job board websites, and LinkedIn for opportunities. These platforms also feature online and physical recruiting in your industry/field, with open positions for which you are qualified, and in areas in which you would like to live.

Be selective by conducting research to improve your probabilities for success.

Preparing Your Materials for a Virtual Event

Before logging onto a virtual recruiting event, you will want to make certain you have your resume or CV completed to present to recruiters.

  1. If you know what companies or schools will be participating in the virtual fair, modify your documents to each employer or school. Make a virtual career planning appointment in Gator CareerLink (you will have the option to select between a Skype or phone appointment).
  1. Ensure you have proofread all your documents.
  1. Save all of your tailored documents on your desktop or in easily accessible folder to swiftly access your documents to email recruiters or admissions representatives during the virtual fair.
  1. Fill out any required profile information needed from you in the virtual fair platform – some employers or institutions will conduct research before the virtual fair, and may ask to meet you at the fair.

During the Virtual Career/Graduate Fair

Similar to an in-person career fair or graduate schools fair you will need to decide what you are looking to realistically accomplish, your approach, and presentation in a virtual environment. For example:

  1. Consider questions that will be asked of you during your chats with employers. Additionally, make sure you have questions to ask the recruiters.
  1. This is something that may seem silly, but some students have reported that when they ‘dress up’ professionally for a virtual fair they exude a professional aura when chatting with employers. On some occasions, employers may ask to connect with you via video during your chat, being dressed properly will help you look polished and ready for the occasion.
  1. Be aware of distracting material. Have your application documents ready such as a tailored, resume, cover letter, references, your LinkedIn URL, and a link to examples of your work. Also have your calendar available in case you are asked to schedule an official interview.
  1. Take notes during the virtual fair as this type of event can go by very quickly and you want to ensure you remember the contacts you made.

After the Virtual Career/Graduate Fair

After any career fair, be it in person or online, you’ll want to follow these steps.

  1. Review your notes you took during the virtual fair to conduct more research on the organizations or institutions you connected with.
  2. Send all documents such as resumes, samples of work, transcripts, or anything you promised with a follow up. If an employer or institution asked you to apply or fill out a document – ensure you complete that request as soon as possible.
  3. Send thank you notes to everyone who took the time to chat with you during the fair. It will impress employers and institutions while also keeping your name and resume current in their mind.

Virtual Career and Graduate Fairs FAQ’s

How do I register for a Virtual Career or Graduate Fair?

Registering for a Virtual Career or Graduate Fair is quick and easy.

  1. Go to Gator CareerLink to log into your account. Create a student account if you do not already have one.
  1. Once you are logged in, look for the “Workshops” and the “Career Fairs” tab to register for the Virtual Career or Graduate Fair/s you are interested.
  1. Follow the instructions in the notes section of the fair, and you’ll be guided through the registration process, including all available options to enhance your presence in the virtual environment.

What if I have to cancel my participation?

That’s fine. You will not be penalized however please keep in mind employers are very excited to you meet you.

Is there a limit to the number of employers that I can talk to?

No, you may talk/connect with all the employers participating if time allots it. Employers and schools choose time slots they are available.

Where can I see a list of employers or graduate schools attending the virtual fair?

Navigate to careereco.com and click “virtual fairs”, click the “upcoming fairs”, click the fair you are interested in attending.

What can I do to attract the attention of employers or graduate schools online?

We highly recommend setting up a virtual career planning appointment to have your resume reviewed before attending an online fair. You can set this up in Gator CareerLink and indicate if you want an appointment via Skype or phone.

When you are at the fair, make sure you are using clear, concise, and grammatically correct language in your communication. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms during your chat.

In addition to the virtual fair, are there other opportunities to meet with employers and graduate schools virtually?

Yes, make sure you check out Gator CareerLink for other events, career fairs, job postings, workshops and more.

Can I register prior to the event date?

Yes, registration is typically open through the day of. However, we strongly recommend you register prior to the event to upload your application documents in case recruiters want to review them before the event.

What type of employers attend the Virtual Career and Graduate Fairs?

Employers and graduate schools who are looking for highly qualified candidates are recruiting for various majors such as Business, Commerce Engineering, Sciences, Liberal Arts, Health Sciences and much more. They are searching for undergraduate and graduate levels depending on the type of virtual fair.

There are also a number of tailored virtual fairs. Some of the specialized fairs that UF students have participated in the past include the College Athlete Virtual Fair, Diversity Healthcare Virtual Fair, Diversity Teacher Recruitment Virtual Career Fair to name a few.


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