Majors & Minors Fair
February 27, 2019
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Career Connections Center

Join Student Government and the Career Connections Center for our annual Majors & Minors Fair! This fair offers you a chance to find out about many of the great programs available to you at UF.

This event is open to UF Students and Alumni only. For further questions, contact our Career Events staff at (352) 273-2331 or

More Information

UF representatives from more than 35 colleges and departments attend this event.

Representatives include professors, advisors, current students and student ambassadors who are ready to speak with you. Stop by if you are confused about your current major or minor, looking to explore other opportunities or want to pick up a second major.

This fair offers a great opportunity to find out about required courses, faculty-to-student ratio, minimum GPA, opportunities for non-majors to take classes, career prospects for that major, professional affiliations, student organizations and the process of switching majors.

This event is for students to explore undergraduate opportunities only. Graduate opportunities can be explored at our annual Graduate & Professional Schools Information Day.

Let’s Get Ready!

Here are some tips to help you get ready for this career event!

See who’s attending the event. For an up-to-date list of participants, log in to Gator CareerLink, click “events” and select Majors & Minors Fair. This list is updated as we receive new registrations.

How to Maximize Your Experience

As you explore the major/minor fair use these guiding questions to gather additional information about potential majors/minors.

Start by:

  • Reviewing the majors/minors are available at UF
  • Researching the number of credit hours you have and your current GPA
  • Practicing how to speak about major change options (you might need to defend why you want to change majors
  • Developing a list of questions regarding switching majors, course options, student organization affiliations, alumni preparedness, etc.

Ask a Peer:

  • What got you interested in pursuing this major/minor field?
  • What do you like about your major/minor?
  • Is there a specific class or professor that you would recommend to get to know this major/minor?
  • What do you want to do after you graduate?

Ask an Advisor:

  • What kind of students tend to enroll in this major/minor and find it a good fit?
  • Are there any recommended intro courses that could help me explore this major/minor?
  • Can students take electives or study abroad in this major?
  • What type of engagement experiences/activities would you recommend for students in this major?
  • What career fields do students who graduate in this field typically go into?
  • Where should I go and who should I speak to if I have more questions?


Here’s a list of tips to help you prepare for networking with employers at the event.

  • Casual dress is recommended.
  • Be prepared to discuss your current major/minor and why you are interested in a specific program.

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