Finding Experience

When it comes to successfully navigating a job, internship or academic program search, you must take the necessary steps to prepare. Whether you need help identifying ways to begin your search, preparing your application materials or strengthening your interview skills, the Career Connections Center has you covered.

The first step in successfully navigating your search is finding the opportunities you wish to apply for. Below are various resources that can get your search moving. If you aren’t sure what type of experience you are looking for, visit our Types of Experience page to read more about the various opportunities available.

More Information

Gator CareerLink

Gator CareerLink (GCL) is a powerful online resource that supports your needs for everything related to career at the University of Florida. Through this free service provided for students and alumni, you have access to internships, co-ops, job shadowing, part and full-time jobs, career events, and more.

Within GCL, there are several general job boards available for your use. These boards are located under the “Jobs” tab on the GCL homepage. The boards available include:

Within Gator CareerLink you are even able to set up automated “Search Agents” that will notify you when relevant opportunities are posted. Find out how Gator CareerLink can assist you in your search:
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The Career Connections Center offers several programs and events throughout the year to connect you to different opportunities. Below are some of the events available to UF students and alumni:

  1. Fall & Spring Career Showcase
  2. Graduate and Professional Schools Fair
  3. Summer Job & Internship Fair
  4. Part-Time Job Fair
  5. Start-up Job & Internship Fair
  6. Virtual Fairs

In addition to these general events, the Career Connections Center partners with many UF colleges and academic departments to put on industry specific job fairs. To see what career events are hosted in your college, visit our Discover Career Communities page.

Third Party Job Boards

In addition to the job boards available through Gator CareerLink, you may also come across various general and industry specific job search engines on the internet. General job boards have postings for unlimited types of jobs and organizations, while industry specific job search engines tend to be focused in a specialized career area, such as healthcare or education.

Some examples of general job boards include:


To locate industry specific job boards:

  1. Look at our Career Roadmaps
  2. Contact individuals in your network who work in your industry of interest to inquire about job boards

Organization Websites

If there is a specific organization of interest, you can typically find opportunities by visiting their website. When searching for employment opportunities on an organization’s website, look for a link titled Careers, Work for Us, Employment or something similar in the navigation pane or near the bottom of the webpage. These links will typically redirect you to a list of the various opportunities currently available with the organization. Some smaller organizations may not have these databases. If you come across this, you may need to contact a hiring representative directly (usually listed under a “contact us” link).

Professional Associations

These are groups of like-minded professionals in one field or industry. You can use professional associations for industry information, networking and jobs postings. Many professional organizations have low student fees. Locate professional organizations through interactions with professors or professionals in your field or by searching for them online. Online directories, such as, are a great place to start exploring.

Graduate/Professional School Search

Although the objectives of a job search are very different than searching for an academic program, many of the same principles apply. For more specific information regarding the search for a graduate or professional program, check out our Prepare for Graduate School page for more resources.

Need Help?

If you are unsure of what steps are next in your search for experience, check out these additional resources:

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