On-Campus Interviews

You’ve applied for a few positions and now you have an interview. Preparation is vital to your success in an interview. Start preparing early to make your thoughts and ideas cohesive as effective communication and interpersonal skills are important qualities in a candidate. Employers also look for your ability to learn or develop a skill quickly and contribute original ideas.

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Don’t Underestimate the Qualifications

Qualifications are important plan to communicate the following:

  • That you are enthusiastic and excited about the position. Your enthusiasm, energy and knowledge about an opportunity or organization can impress an employer.
  • Your ability to adapt to new situations. Communicate that you can deal with difficult problems, be self-directed to start a project and take action to complete a goal are areas of interest to an employer also.
  • Your knowledge of the organization. While preparing, visit the employer’s website, review their products/services and review their industry. It will go a long way with the recruiter, enhance your conversation, and provide opportunities to ask insightful questions about the position.
  • You should always prepare thoughtful questions in an interview. Asking questions shows your interest in the position and indicates that you have taken time to research the organization. Avoid asking questions that can be answered by reviewing their website.
  • Lastly, send a thank-you card, letter or e-mail within 24 hours of your interview. Sending a follow-up message shows your gratitude and helps maintain a relationship with the recruiter.

Policies for Interviews Facilitated by the Career Connections Center

We connect you to employers who host interviews on campus through the Career ConnectionsCenter. Review the On-Campus Interview Policy Manual to learn how we compliment your success and know your responsibilities.

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