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Career Planning

What is Career Planning?

Career Planning is defined as learning, discussion, and reflection about your career. The Career Connections Center sees career planning as an ongoing process that helps you learn about yourself, develop professionally, build experience, and prepare for next steps. Our career planning perspective is focused on solutions, gaining insight, and taking action.

How can Career Planning help you where you are today?

  • We see you as the expert. We help guide you in discovering your potential so you can live independently and with responsibility over your career choices
  • We help you define your personal and/or professional goals, opening a field of possibilities
  • We ask the right questions, giving assignments and feedback to help you reflect on your next steps

What are the ways you can engage in Career Planning?

At the Career Connections Center, we offer a variety of different Career Planning options to best meet your needs:

  • On your own with self-guided worksheets, guides, reflection journals, and tools/services
  • In a group with Career Conversations, Workshops, and Labs
  • Individually with Express Drop-In and Career Planning Appointments

See the details of how the C3 can help you with Career Planning below:

There are several ways that you can engage in Career Planning on your own – at any time or any place. Engaging with these resources, activities and tools can be a great first step in moving forward and finding support. Use these ideas to help you answer quick questions, reflect on your goals, and take time to assess what additional services you might need.

  • CHOMP – CHOMP is an online, interactive, self-guided career, and educational planning system designed to help you make decisions about your future career goals and education plans.
  • Gator Professional Series – GPS is a sequence of personal and professional development virtual workshops that review skills and topics needed for you to become career-ready.
  • Career Communities – Career Communities provide access to customized career resources and information based on your college or other identities that may be important to you.
  • Self-Assessments – Self-assessments can provide you additional ideas about careers, as well as help you learn more about yourself.

We also have several guides that can help you with common Career Planning questions and action steps. These guides provide information, as well as short activities that you can do on your own. For a complete library of our guides, visit our resource library.