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Gator Professional Series

Gator Professional Series

Gator Professional Series (GPS) is a self-paced and interactive, online video series that guides you through:

  • Refining your resumes and cover letters
  • Practicing interviews, elevator pitches, organizing your search and networking
  • Developing answers to “Tell Me About Yourself” or “Why You Are a Good Fit”
  • Reflecting and effectively communicating your attributes, knowledge, skills, and experiences

Why Register for GPS?

A career doesn’t just happen to you; you have to take action now to make your goals a reality. Navigate GPS in the comfort of your own space to figure out common career questions such as how to determine your strengths and weaknesses, create and practice your elevator pitch, get tips on your professional documents and much more.

GPS is accessible through the Canvas eLearning app so you can get help right from your device. Complete the entire workshop series to feel confident and prepared for your next career steps.

Each lesson takes between 15-30 minutes to go through, and completion of the whole series is approximately two hours.

How to get started

Getting started is quick and easy. Simply register below to get started. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is complete. Next, navigate to UF ELearning (Canvas) to access the series along with your along with you other UF courses.

Are you a UF Faculty or Staff member? Discover how you can use GPS in the classroom. Learn more.