Art Of Getting Hired


Register for our one-credit class ‘The Art of Getting Hired’ (IDS 2935) to learn a research-based, action-oriented, reflective process that can improve career success and employment outcomes.

Some highlights of the course:

  • Asynchronous and engaging
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Focused holistically on career development, not just the application process
  • Moves students through the design thinking framework
  • Goal is action-oriented career decision-making

Student Feedback

"I really like the textbook and the supplemental readings. They are relatable and interesting."

"The instructor's enthusiasm helped propel me to stay determined and motivated to get work done and invest time for the class."

"I appreciate how the work I complete for this class can actually be used in real life, it has real value to it. For example, the resume, the cover letter, the interview, all things I can really use in the professional world."

"I appreciate how this class is allowing me to expand deeper into what career path I want to pursue plus the online interaction is a good one compared to my other online courses."

"So far I have appreciated each module of the class, they have given me a new perspective on how to set myself up for my future career."

"I appreciate how applicable the assignments are for our real life. I know that is the point of the class, but I'm genuinely learning things that are helping me with this transition of graduating."

"I like how well-organized the course is. Instructors provide personalized feedback on assignments. I want to keep all of the module topics. They are very beneficial and have helped me become more in touch with who I am as an individual."

"I really appreciate how caring and nice my professors are. It means a lot to me, and I appreciate how much they are understanding."

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