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Connecting Employers with Endless Talent

The University of Florida Career Connections Center can assist you with your recruiting and campus branding needs. Our comprehensive centralized career center works with all of UF’s 16 colleges, more than 54,000 students, and our ever-growing alumni population to be able to facilitate employment connections. We facilitate connections between our employer partners and the entire University of Florida community.

Consult with one of our talented staff members on the Employer Relations team to help you build a viable recruiting strategy. We’ll share with you various ways you can establish a presence on our campus, whether in person, or virtually, to aid in your college recruitment success.

Why You Should Recruit at UF

Why UF, you ask? With over 54,000 students enrolled in 16 different colleges and more than 350,000 alumni worldwide, the University of Florida offers a diverse group of candidates for your recruiting needs.

Discover the options and opportunities recruiting at UF offers by logging into Gator CareerLink.