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Why the C3

Why the C3?

Working with the Career Connections Center, affectionately known as the C3, allows us to reach similar goals successfully. While your organization provides opportunities to our students, we work hard to prepare the Gator Nation to be the best candidates for your team.

Higher Together, Hire Together

On a large college campus, unified communication is important. By engaging with the University of Florida you will have access to a wide network of resources to weave your recruitment brand throughout campus. This exposure will maximize the reach to your target audiences and ensure that you are hiring top talent for your organization.

Employers interested in recruiting and interviewing University students and alumni for the purpose of offering employment must first register with the Career Connections Center and meet all general eligibility requirements in accordance with the C3 Employer Recruiting Policies and Procedures.

Establishing a Gator CareerLink (GCL) account affirms an employer’s registration. By registering with the Career Connections Center, we can more accurately communicate the University’s story of industry engagement and continue to cultivate Greater Gators.

Once registered with the career center, one of our Recruitment Coaches will connect with you. Recruitment Coaches are Certified Career Services Providers dedicated to help employers craft a tailored campus-wide recruiting experience. Recruitment Coaches assist employers with connections to campus partners, recruitment plans, and ensuring that they are reaching their desired talent pool.

Notable UF Rankings:
  • 6th in the U.S. News & World Report’s “Top Public Universities” (2021)
  • 2nd in Kiplinger’s “Best Public College Values” (2019)
  • 17th on Forbes’ list of “The Best Public Colleges” (2019)
  • 9th on Wall Street Journal’s “Top 25 Rated Schools by Recruiters” (2015)
C3 Snapshot

41 of the Fortune 100 companies recruit at UF (partnering with the C3)
Average over 800 job postings per month this academic year posting in Gator CareerLink for UF students and alumni. Typically, we receive approximately 500 per month pre-COVID-19.
12,670 total employment connections made between companies and UF students in FY22
Over 2,000 employers come to campus each year in partnership for recruitment with the C3
Top 3 gateway points of engagement with employers with C3 – job postings, career fairs, and interviews
The C3 offers 18 career fairs for connecting candidates to employers in the 2022-2023 academic year (several have not occurred yet).

Let us help you tell your organization’s story to our University of Florida students. To get started, contact our office via email at  Hire-UFGators@ufl.edu or call 352-392-1601.

If you are a new employer looking to get started with recruiting talent at the University of Florida, schedule a time with a member of our Recruitment Relations team for a customized consultation.

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