The Career Connections Center provides many opportunities for your student throughout their time at the University of Florida and beyond. Our team is dedicated to creating connections for students that will enhance their opportunities at UF, but also prepare them for a fulfilling career. We help students explore majors and careers, show them how to enhance their skills, teach them how to engage in new opportunities, and challenge them to excel as they move forward. We’re here to help create a path for your student’s future.

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How Can You Help Your Student?

As a family member, we know that you are invested in your student’s success at the University of Florida. There are many ways that you can help your student get connected to the Career Connections Center and encourage their active career development.

Here are 6 ways you can assist your student right now:

Resources for Your Student


CHOMP (Career Help Or Major Planning) consists of a series of engaging videos and activities that will help your student put the pieces of the puzzle together. They’ll walk away with an introspective look at how their interests fit together with their skills, personality, and values. In addition, they will develop an action plan to help move their future forward!


Career Roadmaps

Our roadmaps are guides your student can refer to get a snapshot of a field they are interested in. Each roadmap has a description of the field, general skills, sample UF majors to explore, UF organizations to get involved with, sample local opportunities, job boards for internships and full-time jobs as well as sample employers who recruit UF students.



Gator CareerLink

Gator CareerLink (GCL) is a powerful online resource that supports your student’s needs for everything related to career at the University of Florida. Through this free service, provided for students and alumni, they have access to internships, co-ops, job shadowing, part and full-time jobs, career events, and more.


These are just a few of the services we offer, we invite you and your student to learn more about the wide variety of services we have to offer.


Resources for You

Gators Hiring Gators

Gators Hiring Gators (GHG), is an initiative to leverage the University of Florida network by increasing and diversifying career and mentoring opportunities for UF candidates. Friends of the Gator Nation such as alumni, vendors, faculty/staff, families, and campus partners can help us sustain a robust employment network through promoting jobs, internships and other experience opportunities for Gators.


Graduation Survey Data

Our office in conjunction with Institutional Research collects information each semester about graduating seniors. This information tells us where their future plans such as employment data, graduate and professional school plans, and location of their next phase in life will be.


O*Net Online

O*NET OnLine has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more.


We offer several professional development workshops, career fairs, and events for your student to participate in.


Support the Center

The Career Connections Center offers opportunities for individuals and organizations to demonstrate their commitment to hiring and mentoring Gators through financial or mentoring support. Find out how you can support the Center today.


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