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The Career Action Plan

The Career Action Plan

The Career Connections Center is a place to help you connect what you’re learning and enjoying during your UF experience to prepare for success after graduation. The Career Action Plan helps you leverage the Career Connections Center and our network of partners in support of bridging inspiration to action.

How the Career Action Plan Helps

The Career Action Plan is created with four non-linear mindsets that have tools, activities, and questions that will encourage you to think introspectively and differently about your career options.

Career Action Plan Mindsets:

Learn About Yourself and Career Options
Discover who you are and what you are good at, and gain clarity about your career options.
Prepare for Your Next Steps
Present yourself as a strong candidate and communicate your experiences effectively as you move towards your career goals.
Develop Professionally
Evaluate the competencies you need to develop for your career interests.
Build Experience
Apply the knowledge and competencies you are developing in a real-world setting.

Getting Started

Look at the mindsets above and start thinking about which one describes what you need to do/know right now. You can use the Eight Semester Career Readiness Guide to guide your academic and professional choices. This resource turns the Career Action Plan into tangible action steps for making the most of your time at UF.

Once you’ve determined one, select it to discover more about that particular mindset.