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Develop Professionally

As you establish and pursue your career goals, it is important to understand the knowledge and competencies you possess and/or need to develop for life after graduation. This knowledge allows you to craft a UF experience that hones and develops desired knowledge and competencies. We recommend setting short term goals and leveraging your coursework, part-time work, internships, campus and community involvement, research, and more. In addition to industry-specific skills, it is important to develop career readiness competencies that are transferable across contexts. These competencies are:

Sense of Self
How well do you know yourself as an emerging professional? This competency lab will allow you to discover the depth of your knowledge, skills, and personal attributes related to your professional identity.

Critical Thinking
How well do you employ critical thinking to solve complex problems and make decisions? This competency lab will teach you how to develop your critical thinking skills and to be able to apply them to solve problems in the workplace.

Have you ever felt the frustration of a communication breakdown? This competency lab will teach you how to effectively communicate with others to achieve common goals.

How well do you work on a team or understand your role within a team? This competency lab will allow you to explore your strengths and areas of improvement in teamwork.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What are the most essential skills for new professionals in your field?
  • Which skills and competencies do you already possess? Where do you need more growth?
  • What resources and experience can you leverage to develop your skills and competencies?

Using the Career Connections Center

  • Complete Gator Professional Series (GPS), a series of online personal and professional development workshops that review skills and topics needed for you to become career ready.
  • Attend an ‘Employer Perspective’ workshop or an information session to learn what employers are looking for in a candidate directly from professionals.
  • Attend an ‘Employer Perspective’ workshop to learn what employers are looking for in a candidate directly from professionals.
  • Attend networking events, such as Diversity Meet Up, to meet and learn from professionals in your field.
  • Register for our one-credit class ‘The Art of Getting Hired’ (IDS 2935) to learn a research-based, action-oriented, reflective process that can improve career success and employment outcomes.
  • Join us and a small group of your peers for a Skills Lab or a Competency Lab to enhance your career readiness.

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