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Career Readiness Check-in

Career Readiness Check-In

In 2015, Governor Rick Scott issued the “Ready Set Work” University Challenge, which challenges state-funded universities to have 100 percent of their graduates (not going into graduate school) full-time employment within a year for those receiving each university’s two most popular degrees. At UF, the goal is to have every graduate from every degree achieve success through employment after graduation. To ensure students are confident and ready to pursue post-graduation plans, the Career Readiness Check-In was implemented as an institution-wide effort for students to prepare for life after graduation.

Career Readiness Holds

During a student’s second fall at the university two holds will appear on their accounts, these are the Career Check-In Holds. The student will be required to fulfill actions to lift the two holds in order to register for the next semester’s courses. The holds are a part of the University-wide response to support student awareness and preparation for success after graduation. Both Career Readiness Holds should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

What is “Ready, Set, Work”?

In 2015, Florida Governor Rick Scott issued the “Ready, Set, Work” University Challenge to all public universities in the state to get 100% of each institution’s graduates (who are not pursuing graduate school) full-time employment within one year for the top two majors. However, UF’s president, Dr. Fuchs wants to improve employment outcomes for all UF majors. The Career Readiness Holds are a part of the University wide response to support your awareness and preparation for success after graduation. Other efforts include education through The Bridge to Employment Success Today programs (UF BEST) and the IDS 2935 Art of Getting Hired course.

What is the deadline for completion?

In order to register on time for your spring classes you need to complete the requirements of both holds.

How long will it take for the holds to be removed?

It should be removed instantaneously once you have competed the requirements of each hold:
1. Creating your profile in Gator CareerLink
2. Completing a module of the Career Readiness Holds Canvas course

Why do I have to do this?

The UF community wants to make sure that you are introduced to Career Action Plan, and the campus resources you have available to maximize your time here at UF, and help you move towards your post-graduation goals efficiently and confidently.

What if I have technical issues?

Canvas recommends using Chrome whenever using their site for the best performance.

For Canvas Issues or Gator CareerLink Log in Issues, contact: (352) 392-4357 or helpdesk@ufl.edu. For general questions: career-ready@ufl.edu.

What if this isn’t my second Fall on campus?

The Registrar makes that determination based on catalog year of matriculation and number of credit hours completed for a grade.

My friend did not have to do this, why do I?

The Registrar’s Office determines which student accounts receive the hold, based on a student’s catalog year and how many credits they have successfully completed as of Fall 2018.

How long will it take?

It should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete the requirements of both holds.

What if a class I need fills before I complete the Check-In?

That is a great question and concern, which is why the Registrar’s Office encourages students to check for and complete all holds the day registration dates and times are posted in OneUF.

What is the Career Readiness Canvas Course?

The Career Readiness Canvas course provides you with an overview of the Career Action Plan and resources at UF that help you with your post-graduation career goals.

How do I satisfy the requirements of this hold?

1. Review the Welcome Page
2. Choose one module of the course to complete

    • Review the content of the module
    • Complete the survey pre-requisite of the quiz
    • Pass the quiz with 4 out 5 answers correct

IMPORTANT: A “Clear Your Hold” page will populate when you pass the quiz with a score of 80% or above. Follow the prompts on the “Clear Your Hold” page to successfully remove your hold.

Where do I get help for Canvas Issues?

Please note, Canvas recommends using Chrome whenever using their site.
To speak with someone, contact IT Help at: (352) 392-4357 or helpdesk@ufl.edu.

How do I use Canvas?

Access these guides for help with Canvas:

Canvas Student Guide
Canvas Video Guides
Canvas Student Orientation

What is Gator CareerLink (GCL)?

Gator CareerLink (GCL) is a powerful online resource that supports your needs for everything related to career at the University of Florida. With GCL you can find hundreds of job and internship opportunities, apply for positions directly through the system, practice your interviewing skills, and much more!

How do I login and complete my student profile?
    • Log in here with your UF GatorLink username and password to log in.
    • If this is your first time logging in, please note you will be prompted to fill out your profile in its entirety.
    • Be sure to complete all required fields notated with a red asterisk. Failure to complete each of the six (6) of these areas will result in an incomplete profile and the inability to remove your hold.
    • Click “Save Changes and Continue” to proceed.

    Fields that require a response are:
    Personal Tab:
    – Phone Number
    Academic Tab:
    – Work Authorization
    Privacy Tab:
    – Email Notification
    – Receive Job Blasts
    – Include In Resume Books
    – Policy Affirmation

    What if I am stuck at the GatorLink page and can’t log in?

    The Career Connections Center does not administer that page, so we cannot help you. You will have to call the UF Helpdesk at 352-392-HELP or for walk in assistance go to HUB 132.

    What are the differences in My Account vs: My Profile?
    • My Account allows you to edit your Personal, Academic, and/or Privacy preferences.
    • My Profile is similar to a LinkedIn profile and displays information contained in your “My Account” section. Please be sure to publish your “My Profile” page in order for employers to view your profile page. It is important to remember that your My Profile information is auto-updated through your My Account.
    • If you’re experiencing problems regarding wrong information showing up on your My Profile page, please remember to update the appropriate tabs in your My Account page.

Questions about the Career Check-In?

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