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Career Success Institute

Career Success Institute

The Career Success Institute (CSI) is a six-week career and leadership cohort that helps students build their leadership and career potential. This program is designed to help students explore majors, gain self-awareness, and create an action plan to move forward, all while building connections with peers and the UF community.

Through CSI you are able to:

  • Connect with other students while learning career and leadership skills
  • Learn about your career potential from your values, identities, interests, personalities, skills, and strengths
  • Gain professional development that prepares you to take action in your on-and off-campus experiences
  • Explore the concepts of meaning and purpose as it relates to life and career
  • Leave with tools to apply to on-campus and off-campus experiences

The program will require that students attend class weekly. Classes will be 90-minutes in length one time per week either on Zoom or In-Person. CSI will start the Week of May 15th and end the Week of June 12th. Specific days, times, and locations of classes will be determined at a later date.



Week 1: CSI Overview & Getting Started

Week 2: Your VIPS & Career Potential

Week 3: Exploration is Key!

Week 4: Networking & Building Authentic Connections

Week 5: Finding Purpose & Taking Action in Your Next Steps

Week 6: Induction Ceremony

Ja'kari Clayton

“I was able to come into a safe place and be honest about the uncertainty I have as it pertains to career goals. This was the first professional environment where I wasn’t comparing myself to others. I engaged and acquired the knowledge that I knew was going to help me long term. I was able to finally just focus on myself.” – Ja’kari Clayton

Michelle Huang

“It feels very personal and I got to meet a lot of other people in similar situations as me. As a result, I didn’t feel as alone, and knowing that other people are actively trying to find their paths has pushed me to do the same.” – Michelle Huang

Anne Gracy

“CSI enabled me to make connections with my peers. Each week, the program pushed us to step out of our comfort zones, which allowed me to form meaningful connections. I enjoyed the student leadership panel and liked hearing insights from various student leaders on campus. The panel gave me ideas on how to get involved and cleared up some of my misconceptions about networking.”- Anne Gracy

Michael Hutchinson

CSI was most helpful in providing a sense of comfort in our major and career tracks. It is hard to find a support system on campus that doesn’t make you feel rushed or panicked about making a major selection. The community of students who felt similar concerns helped to reassure that these problems are not isolated to just a few.” – Michael Hutchinson

CSI cohort members who successfully complete the program will receive a Gator Lapel Pin, a professional head shot, and a certificate of completion.

What Are We Looking For In CSI Applicants?
  • First-and second-year students who are:
    • Uncertain about major and/or career decisions.
    • Seeking a professional development opportunity.
    • Looking to create a community with their peers and the UF community.
  • Completed CSI Application
    • Part of the application will require you to answer 2 short answer questions. In 3-5 sentences you are asked to answer the following questions:
      • Why do you want to participate in CSI?
      • What are you hoping to learn if you are selected to participate in the Career Success Institute?
  • Submit completed CSI Application by 5:00 PM on March 10th.