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Employer Consultations


Engage with UF talent through the Career Connections Center (C3) and unlock the potential of your recruitment efforts. Whether you're just beginning your recruitment journey or seeking to optimize your existing candidate pipeline, our Industry Engagement Team is committed to facilitating your success and helping you grow your brand on campus.


Partnering with the UF Career Connections Center offers unparalleled access to a diverse and talented student body, tailored support in crafting your campus strategy, and opportunities to enhance your brand's visibility among future leaders. Here’s how you can benefit:

  • Direct Access to Top Talent: Connect with over 60,000 students and alumni from 16 different colleges, featuring a wide range of skills and disciplines.
  • Tailored Recruitment Strategies: Receive customized advice and strategies that align with your company’s specific goals and industry demands.
  • Brand Enhancement: Increase your visibility and establish a strong campus presence through targeted branding strategies and high-impact events.

Our free 30-minute virtual consultations are designed to provide personalized support and detailed insights into various aspects of campus recruitment. When scheduling your consultation, you’ll have an opportunity to select from the following topics to optimize your recruitment efforts:

  1. Begin Recruiting at UF: Kickstart your recruitment with essential guidance on navigating UF’s opportunities.
  2. Learn About UF Career Fairs: Maximize your participation and impact at our popular career fairs.
  3. Discuss UF Partnership Opportunities: Explore strategic partnerships that can extend your reach and deepen your engagement.
  4. Host Info Sessions & On-site Interviews: Set up impactful events and interviews to connect directly with potential candidates.
  5. Explore Advanced Branding Strategies: Develop innovative branding tactics specifically crafted for the UF community.
  6. Start a UF Internship Program: Build or enhance internship programs to tap into early talent and shape future professionals.

Start a conversation with our Industry Engagement Team today to learn more about how we can support your recruitment goals and help you make a lasting impression at UF. Use the link below to schedule your consultation at a time that suits you. Let’s collaborate to build a dynamic and effective recruitment strategy!

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For any additional questions, email Hire-UFGators@ufl.edu, and our team will  respond within two business days.