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Job Postings

Job postings in Gator CareerLink (GCL) are a great way to showcase your organization and the opportunities (full-time, internship, and co-op) in your organization available to UF students and alumni.

How to Post a Position in Gator CareerLink

  1. Login to Gator CareerLink
  2. Click the “Jobs” tab at the top of the page
  3. Click “Add New”
  4. Complete all the required fields and submit

It can take up to three business days to approve a job posting, depending on volume. Review our Gator CareerLink Quick Start Guide to maximize your use of Gator CareerLink.

Without the following information it will take longer to approve your organization’s job posting:

  • Business Phone Number
  • Mobile Phone Number (if applicable)
  • Business Address
  • Company Issued Email
    • NOTE: Most gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com, aol.com etc. email addresses will not suffice for approval in the Gator CareerLink system. Providing emails of this nature will result in an extended approval period and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Company Website

Building and Optimizing your Profile

Fill out the employer profile by completing as many sections as possible. Include as much information as possible in your profile, remember this is free advertising for your organization and helps connect you to the right students immediately. Ask yourself these questions when completing your profile.

  • Does your organization have an existing GCL profile?
  • Does it make sense to merge your accounts?
  • Who is your UF target audience?
  • Does your audience know what your culture or brand is after reading your profile?
  • How are your different from your competition?

Other tips:

  • A great way to use your “Overview” section is to add job deadlines, offerings, and any offerings you want to highlight.
  • Use bullets to make reading content more user-friendly.
  • Review your content descriptions at the start of every recruiting season to make sure the company information is still accurate and relevant.

Job Posting and New Contact Approval Policies

All postings must contain accurate information concerning the position(s) being advertised. We reserve the right to deny the approval of job postings that are proven to be fraudulent or misleading in their description to potential candidates.

We also reserve the right to decline postings that require a financial investment by candidates, or positions that may involve unreasonable risks or postings for positions that conflict with the NACE Principles of Professional Conduct.

All job postings will be reviewed by one of our staff members and approved within three business days of being submitted by the employer.

The following conditions apply to posting a job on Gator CareerLink database:

  • All organizations must agree to all EEO / Affirmative Action requirements and guidelines
  • No start-up or investment fees will be charged to students or alumni
  • GCL will not be used to solicit business of any kind
  • No job posting will be allowed by Third-Party Recruiters representing organizations that have not already completed the necessary Third-Party Recruiter forms

For more guidance about posting your positions in Gator CareerLink, please contact Hire-UFGators@ufl.edu or call 352-392-1601 today.