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GPS for Faculty and Staff

Gator Professional Series (GPS) is designed to complement curriculum that focuses on personal development and career readiness. The Career Connections Center has successfully partnered with faculty teaching internship, capstone, and career development courses with class sizes ranging from 25-300 students in online and in-person learning environments.

On average, students can complete the entire video series and activities in 2 hours. Upon completing both modules, students will receive a certificate recognizing their commitment to career and professional development, and certificate can also serve as proof of completion, which makes grading for large classes quick and efficient.

Additionally, the Gator Professional Series content was intentionally designed to align with academic learning compacts by a team of experts on career and professional development.

Learning Outcomes

Module One: Core Workshops

Students complete a workbook with guided videos that enable students to reflect on their professional identity, explore job types and career options, identify competencies in the workplace, set actionable career goals, and develop a career vision.

Module One Learning Outcomes:

  • Articulate their definition of career
  • Identify factors that influence their career journey
  • Prepare and plan for their future in the world of work
  • Discover competencies employers seek in recent graduates
  • Explore industries and job types and make actionable career goals
Module Two: Navigating Your Search

Participants complete activities and assessments to gauge their learning in job and experience search skills.

Module Two Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop the skills and competencies to successfully navigate the search process for meaningful experiences
  • Properly format and customize a resume and cover letter to communicate skills, interests, and values
  • Practice networking in an in-person and virtual setting and develop the communication skills needed to make connections effectively
  • Discover strategies to prepare for interviews and practice answering interview questions with authenticity
  • Write SMART goals to maximize personal and professional development

If you want more information on incorporating the Gator Professional Series into your curriculum or general questions on fit for your course, contact Sara Jay at sara.jay@ufl.edu to preview the content and discuss an implementation strategy.