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Career Pathways


At the University of Florida’s Career Connections Center, we know that major does not always equal career. We have launched our new Career Pathways model that infuses Career Clusters to allow for UF students to explore different paths for after graduation. The goal of our Career Pathways model is to link learning opportunities that happen inside and outside the classroom to the knowledge and skills needed for future education and employment.

What is a Career Pathway?

Career Pathways are made up of customized resources, tools, programs, and services that guide students towards a full range of opportunities for after graduation. Career Pathways are directly connected to industry and career options. They provide students with the opportunity to explore future possibilities, connect with industry professionals, and get involved in a variety of experiences that fit their unique interests.

What are Career Clusters?

Career clusters are groups of similar occupations and industries that have a common set of required knowledge and skills. They have been developed so UF students can easily explore a variety of career options and set their goals for post-graduation success. Career clusters are purposefully not attached to academic majors or colleges because majors do not always equal careers.

As a part of the Career Pathways model, we have updated our Career Community webpages. Our Career Communities are industry and affinity-based groupings that provide customized resources to support students’ career pathway. Creating spaces for communities to gather provides connection opportunities for students to engage with the C3, peers, alumni, and industries.