Welcome to the Gator Nation! At the University of Florida, you will find a community here to support you throughout your college experience.

Your time at the University of Florida is the springboard for your journey to success. The knowledge you’ll gain, relationships you’ll build, skills you’ll develop, and experiences in and out of the classroom lay the foundation for post-graduation success.

At the Career Connections Center, we recognize that your first year at UF will be filled with opportunities to explore your academic and career pathways. That’s why its important for you to engage with our department and staff early and often in your UF journey to maximize your collegiate experience. Here are 6 ways you can engage with us during your first year:

First Year Student Career Readiness Guide

As a first-year student it is important to explore the multiple factors that impact your career decisions. This document will help you explore those factors and provide a framework for how you can spend time during your first-year enrolled at UF to help you begin developing your career readiness.

Transition Your High School Resume to a College Resume

A resume is a strategic document that can help you begin building experience during your first year of enrollment at UF. For many first-year students, a resume has been a historical list of all your experiences from high school. Moving forward, you will want to transition your resume to focus on your accomplishments, strengths, and skills (transferable and technical).

Use the resume guide and sample resume below to help you get started.