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UF Faculty and Staff Symposium

January 13, 2022 

Experience Reimagined: Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Workforce

2022 Agenda Coming Soon

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Oscar (Hengxuan) Chi, Assistant Professor, Health & Human Performance, will present on The Importance of AI Literacy for Students Entering the Workforce.

We hope you will join us on January 13th for our 4th Annual UF Faculty & Staff Career Symposium. The Symposium will center key emerging trends that impact students’ workforce readiness and the role faculty and staff play in preparing UF students for the future of work. This year’s event will provide opportunities to learn from and engage with others to explore the increasing role of artificial intelligence across job functions, the permanency of remote work and its impact on job seekers, the rise of freelancing as a career, and more!

Questions? Email Matthew P. Cowley, matthewpaulc@ufl.edu

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