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2021-2022 Annual Report


The University of Florida’s Career Connections Center serves more than 57,000 students and thousands of alumni representing all majors and degree levels. The Center is a centralized, comprehensive unit providing a diverse range of services to connect job seekers to employers and vice versa. The Career Connections Center staff facilitates recruiting efforts to ensure easy access to UF talent for entry level or experienced positions.

In addition, the Career Connections Center:

  • Is nationally recognized as the #2 career center by Best Colleges in the support of students, employers and alumni spanning all majors, degree levels, and industries.
  • Serves as a hub with experts and connectors to unify the university community, connecting with over 275 faculty and staff to transform career development at UF.
  • Employs 14 certified career and recruitment coaches dedicated to aid employers in developing custom campus-wide recruiting strategies and networks to reach desired candidates.



Total Student Connections

Unique Student Connections

Total Employment Connections

Meetings Held on Career Fair Plus
Second-Year students participated in the Career Readiness Check-In
Jobs posted to Gator CareerLink each month


Preparing Students for an AI-enabled Workforce

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is becoming increasingly intertwined in the job market, building skills in this area can give you a competitive advantage for a successful job search. The University of Florida’s Career Connections Center is dedicated to ensuring students are prepared with competencies to engage with AI by the time they graduate.  The center's commitment to AI education includes:

  • Hiring an AI-specific career coach to work within the center.
  • Onboarding Quinncia, an AI program designed to improve student engagement with career services.
  • Partnering with the UF AI Academic Initiative to engage with industries for talent acquisition.

Career Prep Hold

First-time Gators may have noticed two new holds on their accounts this semester. These are part of the Career Prep process — a newly implemented program to encourage career exploration and professional development.   

 “It's the university's commitment to students' professional growth,” said Angel Iverson, director for career foundations in the Division of Student Life Career Connections Center. “There are many partners at UF who are working collaboratively to ensure students are aware of all the opportunities in front of them.”  

Holds began appearing for students in their first semester at UF — including transfer, readmitted or traditional first-year students — on June 28, but they will not prevent registration until March 2023.  

The Career Prep process is split into two steps and, in total, takes about 45 minutes to complete.  

Social Media Used as an Extension to Education

At the Career Connections Center we see social media as an extension to our programming. We hope social media can shape and influence how students learn and interact with the center through social learning. 

Social learning is active learning, which means that students participate directly in their own learning rather than passively absorbing information. 

Social media presents information in way that makes sense to and excites students more than  traditional media do,. 

Our social media is meant to be a repository of information. Of course we still have to promote our events, but we do this by sprinkling education content with each post. 

This year we experimented with Reddit and Discord. These are platforms that are not used by official university accounts. We found great success using these platforms. Here at the center we believe we should go to were the students are engaging.

Our plan next year is to use LinkedIn to build networks for recruiters and students. Recruiters can join our group to learn about ways to engage with our students. Students can join groups to network with recruiters. 

Searching for the Career Advice You Can't Find on Google? UF Alumni Can Help

Students are getting an inside look at how they can get a leg up in their industry from University of Florida alumni, thanks to the Career Connections Center.

Since the launch of the Gator Career Consultant Program just over a year ago, more than 230 alumni have signed up to lead workshops, hold one-on-one consultations or share their insights via podcast or social media.



GROUP career planning engagements

Individual Career Planning Engagements

Career Fair Engagements

CHOMP engagements
Website Visits
Students and Alumni used Gator CareerLink

Career Planning Appointment By Types

All Interactions By Career Action Plan

Increase in Choosing/Changing Your Major appointments
increase in student career fair attendance

Student Testimonials

Students would recommend career planning services to a friend

I have never been so thoroughly informed on how to create a resume. It was very helpful to have it broken down with each section explained.Appointment Student
“I feel fortunate to be a UF student because there are many resources that I can use and get from Career Connections Center!Workshop Student



Unique Companies Recruiting
New Companies Started recruiting
Fortune 100 Companies recruiting
Artificial Intelligence Job and internship postings
Company Consultations

Top Industries for Job Postings

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Management and Administration
  3. Retail

Top 10 Fortune 100 Companies Recruiting with UF

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Google
  • AT&T
  • Cardinal Health
  • Walgreens
  • Centene
  • Target

Gainesville Companies Recruiting with UF

  • City of Gainesville
  • Exactech
  • Infotech
  • James Moore & Co.
  • LifeSouth Community Blood Center
  • Scorpio

Florida Companies Recruiting with UF

  • AdventHealth
  • CSX
  • DHL
  • L3Harris
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Mitsubishi Power Americas
  • Publix
  • Raymond James Financial
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Tropicana

Partner Fairs

Campus Partner Fairs and Interview Days Hosted
Total Individual Interactions


  • Fall 2020 Virtual Materials Science and Engineering-Nuclear Engineering Career Fair
  • Fall 2020 Agricultural and Biological Engineering Virtual Career Fair
  • Spring 2021 College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Career Expo
  • Chomp the Vote - Public Policy Showcase

  • UF Law Virtual Private Sector Networking Night
  • UF Law Spring 2021 Virtual Public Interest Fair
  • Spring 2021 Materials Sciences Virtual Interview Day
  • Spring 2020 Virtual Student Personnel in Higher Education Visitation Days

Virtual Statewide Job Fair

The UF Career Connections Center served as the host of the 2021 Statewide Job Fair. Held virtually, the 2021 Statewide Job Fair had 240 registered companies- a 31% increase from 2021’s pre-covid employer participation of 223. Notable employers that participated were Procter & Gamble (P&G), Verizon, Fisher Investments, EY, U.S. Department of State, Morgan Stanley, and GEICO. Over 2800 1:1 sessions and group meetings were booked which served as opportunities for students across Florida to engage with employers. The Career Connections Center was excited to have served as the host career center and doing its part in assisting to facilitate these connections. Due to the success of the 2021 Statewide Job Fair, the UF Career Connections Center will host the 2022 Statewide Job Fair.

FCC Statewide Job Fair Marketing by the Numbers:

  • 400 on-campus residents reached through flyering in residence halls.
  • 11,127 students emails through Gator CareerLink
  • 12,000 people reached via Twitter
  • 2,711 people reached via Facebook post
  • 1,550 people reached via Instagram post


Our Partners


Employer Testimonials

"We love the students at UF and will continue coming to UF for our early career and intern/co-op needs."
“As a Gator alumni I couldn't be more impressed with the talent that we hired! They have been terrific team members and contribute to our social media, something outside my skill set! I would use the Gator Career Connection service in the future.”


Our Diversity Statement

The Career Connections Center is committed to cultivating a community that is inclusive and reflects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of UF students, staff, and faculty. Diversity encompasses all aspects of identity and positionality. It includes variation and intersectionality across race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, size, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations, genetic information, veteran status, and the many other ways one might identify.

Highlighted Diversity Programs

Diversity Meetup Kickoff Events: To prepare students for Career Showcase and Diversity Meetup, the C3 developed Diversity Meetup Kickoff events. These kick-off events will provide students with the opportunity to network with UF alumni and employers.

  • Student Organization partners include Disability Ambassadors, Hispanic Student Association, Pride Student Union, OUT Warrington

Envisions Career Academy: Envision Career Academy is a 4-week mentorship opportunity for students to engage in panel discussions and reflection activities to learn the skills necessary to succeed as a professional in today’s workforce. This experience provides an identity-based virtual community that connects current students with Gator Career Consultant mentors who are also a part of that community.

  1. Envision Career Academy - Black UF
    • 18 mentors who were matched with 19 students
    • The topics discussed were Dealing with Imposter Syndrome, Professional Branding, Networking & Building Social Capital, Self-Advocacy in the workplace.
  2. Envision Career Academy – Hispanic/LatinX UF
    • 15 students and alumni
    • Topics covered were dealing with imposter syndrome, leveraging professional capital, professional branding, and success & well-being in the workplace.

In the Workplace: In the Workplace was designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about identity and how they intersect and impact professionals in the workplace. This panel discussion led by alumni is designed to help students think critically and reflect on how their personal identities may impact them once they graduate.

  • Hispanic/ Latinx in the Workplace
  • disABILITY in the Workplace
  • First Gen in the Workplace
  • Black in the Workplace
  • Women in the Workplace

I Am First: I Am First Series was designed specifically to address and assist first-generation students in the career development process. Workshops in this series are designed to educate and provide resources to first-generation students on a variety of career topics and issues.

  • I Am First: Overcoming Imposture Syndrome
  • I Am First: Setting Career Goals
  • I Am First: Navigating Career Goal Setbacks



      The Career Connections Center is National Recognized and Locally Engaged: 

      6 Local, Regional, and National Conferences Presentations and Webinars

      2 Individual Staff Awards

      2 Committees Served on across National and Regional Associations

      16 Campus Committees Served on at UF

      1 Gainesville Committees Served on to Support the Local Economy

      2 Professional Certifications Received

      1 Staff Served as Student Success Coaches

      1 C3 staff members taught UF courses