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2020-2021 Annual Report


The University of Florida’s Career Connections Center serves more than 57,000 students and thousands of alumni representing all majors and degree levels. The Center is a centralized, comprehensive unit providing a diverse range of services to connect job seekers to employers and vice versa. The Career Connections Center staff facilitates recruiting efforts to ensure easy access to UF talent for entry level or experienced positions.

In addition, the Career Connections Center:

  • Is nationally recognized as the #2 career center by Best Colleges in the support of students, employers and alumni spanning all majors, degree levels, and industries.
  • Serves as a hub with experts and connectors to unify the university community, connecting with over 275 faculty and staff to transform career development at UF.
  • Employs 26 certified career and recruitment coaches dedicated to aid employers in developing custom campus-wide recruiting strategies and networks to reach desired candidates.


Total Student Connections

Unique Student Connections

Total Employment Connections

Meetings Held on Career Fair Plus
Second-Year students participated in the Career Readiness Check-In
Jobs posted to Gator CareerLink each month


First Year Engagement

Early engagement with first-year students at the University of Florida has been a central focus of the Career Connections Center. During the 2020-2021 academic year, the C3 connected with over 3100 first-year students through our services and programs including CHOMP, career planning, Express Drop-In, workshops, and career fairs. One of our most successful programs was Exploring Majors and Careers Through People which included an alumni panel sharing their experience with networking and connecting with current professionals to learn more about career possibilities.

Career development for first-year students focuses on enhancing their developing sense of self and participating in major and career exploration. Cultivating partnerships with stakeholders on campus has connected the C3 and our services and support to specific populations of first-year students through Preview tabling, outreach presentations to First Year Florida and additional introductory courses, and engaging with UF faculty and staff through meetings and presentations on first-year students.

Gator Career Consultants

One thing that the University of Florida is not in lack of is an invested and caring alumni network who are willing to give back to current UF students. In Spring of 2021, the Career Connections Center launched the UF Gator Career Consultant program – an opportunity for Gator alumni to volunteer their time and expertise to bolster the career development of current Gators.

The program has attracted a total of 239 alumni who have each pledged to invest in C3 career education initiatives by consulting one- on-one with students, becoming mentors or guest speakers, or sharing their career story. The program has been met with great success culminating in two new programs this past Summer called ‘Alumni Perspectives’ and ‘Gator2Gator’. The career center looks forward to growing this initiative and to leveraging the power of UF alumni for student success for years to come.

Career Development During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Career Connections Center pivoted our services quickly to respond to student needs during the pandemic. Notably, we were able to transition the focus of our student programming to topics relevant to the student experience during COVID, as well as deliver content through more accessible formats for students.

During Summer 2020, we increased our workshop offerings to include new content such as Virtual Networking, Preparing for Career Showcase Week, and Planning for the Fall Semester, to support students’ learning during this unprecedented time.

We also learned that in order to engage students, our virtual content needed to be shorter and focus on the basics of career development. This change allowed us to re-envision our strategy for fall and spring programming including 30-minute “Quick Tips” and “C3 Labs” workshops, resulting in over 1,956 students served.

Increase in Employer Participation during Project Resume

Statewide Job Fair

There were 223 total employers who participated

684 total published schedules from employers were recorded

There were 1,005 total candidates who registered for the fair

There were 2,863 total meetings booked across all published schedules

2,271 of these were 1:1 meetings

Student Engagement Breakdown

GROUP career planning engagements

Individual Career Planning Engagements

Career Fair Engagements

CHOMP engagements
Website Visits
Students and Alumni used Gator CareerLink

Career Planning Appointment By Types

All Interactions By Career Action Plan

Increase in Interview Preparation Appointments
increase in graduate school exploration/preparation appointments

Student Testimonials

Students would recommend career planning services to a friend

Utilizing the career connections center resource, specifically a career coach, has greatly increased my confidence for life beyond graduation. I am very grateful for that, just as I am grateful that this resource has made my transition in being a transfer student much easier to navigate.Appointment Student

These virtual workshops are incredibly helpful to distance learning students like me and help me feel more involved with UF from afar.Workshop Student

Economic Impact

Unique Companies Recruiting
New Companies Started recruiting
Fortune 100 Companies recruiting
Artificial Intelligence Job and internship postings
Company Consultations

Top Industries for Job Postings

  1. Finance and Insurance
  2. Business Management and Administration
  3. Retail
  4. Information Technology and Telecommunications
  5. Government and Public Administration

Top 10 Fortune 100 Companies Recruiting with UF

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • AT&T
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Cardinal Health
  • Google
  • Home Depot
  • Microsoft
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

Gainesville Companies Recruiting with UF

  • Cade Museum 
  • Exactech 
  • SharpSpring 
  • Gainesville Health & Fitness 
  • Infotech 
  • Trimark Properties 

Florida Companies Recruiting with UF

  • ADT, Inc.
  • Publix
  • L3Harris
  • Office Depot
  • Disney
  • NextEra Energy
  • FIS
  • Citrix
  • Arthrex
  • Jabil
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Siemens

Partner Fairs

Campus Partner Fairs and Interview Days Hosted
Total Individual Interactions


Chomp the Vote – Public Policy Showcase 
1L Virtual Private Sector Networking Night 
UF Law Spring 2021 Virtual Public Interest Fair 
INVITE ONLY – Spring 2021 Material Sciences Virtual Interview Day 


INVITE ONLY – Spring 2021 Virtual SPHE Visitation Days 
Spring 2021 CALS Virtual Career Expo 
Fall 2020 ABE Virtual Career Fair 
Fall 2020 Virtual MSE•NE Career Fair 

Employer Testimonials

“We love the students at UF and will continue coming to UF for our early career and intern/co-op needs.”

“As a Gator alumni I couldn’t be more impressed with the talent that we hired! They have been terrific team members and contribute to our social media, something outside my skill set! I would use the Gator Career Connection service in the future.”

Staff Accomplishments and Certifications

The Career Connections Center is National Recognized and Locally Engaged: 

14 Local, Regional, and National Conferences Presentations and Webinars

Individual Staff Awards

5 Committees Served on across National and Regional Associations

16 Campus Committees Served on at UF

Gainesville Committees Served on to Support the Local Economy

6 Professional Certifications Received

7 Staff Served as Student Success Coaches

14 C3 staff members taught UF courses