The UF Career Connections Center is excited to introduce a new technology to help prepare you for the AI enabled workforce, Quinncia!

Quinncia is an AI software designed to help you to prepare for the modern applicant environment before graduation. Quinncia reviews your resume and gives personalized feedback to help you master your interview skills.

About 95% of all employers (regardless of size) use “applicant tracking systems” (ATS). When you apply online your resume is parsed by a robot, not a human. To be exact, only 5-10% of resumes submitted to a job online will be seen by a human. This is important for you as a future applicant because small errors and inconsistencies that aren’t visible to the human eye will get flagged by ATS. And flags essentially equate to instant rejection. Enough flags accrue... and you won’t get a chance to score an interview!

Likewise, AI video interviewing platforms are quickly replacing the initial interview phone screen and also increase the number of resumes that will be initially accepted. Rather than 90-95% of resumes being rejected, only about 60-70% of resumes will be. This is why Quinncia gives a huge advantage! Quinncia provides personalized feedback on your resume and interview so you can parse an ATS and master speaking about yourself in a powerful and effective way.

With AI interviews becoming so prevalent in an applicant journey and employers using applicant tracking systems to weed out potential hires, Quinncia is your best bet to prepare for your future career. 


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to