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Get in Touch With Us: 352-392-1601 |

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On Campus Interviews

The On-Campus Interviews program provides a streamlined process for recruiters to interview UF students for full-time, part-time, and experiential opportunities in the centralized location of the Career Connections Center. These interviews range from the first to the final round for all experiences. On-campus interviews begin the first day of classes and end on the last day of classes each semester.

Interviews scheduled through Gator CareerLink take place in the Career Connections Center and can be held between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., with all interviews concluding by 5:00 p.m.

Some of our employers reserve a Welcome Space for their interviewees. If you are an employer who would like to greet your candidates, host breakfast/coffee/lunch for them, or just have a designated place for your team, please request this space through the Employer Hosted Events tab in Gator CareerLink.

The Career Connections Center is also equipped to support virtual interviewing, providing a quiet and professional location for students to interview even if the employer is not on site.

Types of Interview Schedules

Employers reserve a room in Gator CareerLink however, the system does not assist in inviting or scheduling candidates for interviews.
Employers can utilize GCL to invite and schedule candidates automatically. Preselect refers to the employer’s “round 1” selections, after which an invitation will be sent to invite their alternate “round 2” selections. C3 staff can adjust dates to match the employer’s desired selection and recruiting timeline.
Same as Preselect to Alternate except employers allow any applicant to sign-up for any remaining interview time slots
Employers can utilize GCL to schedule candidates automatically. Anyone can sign up for an interview slot, they do not need to be invited.

These are similar to Room Reservation Only, except that they take place from the first day of classes through the first week after Career Showcase each semester. These schedules cannot have positions attached to them. However, employers can still pull applicant information from relevant job postings. Employers can only request Employer Managed schedules during a summer semester.

To request a Skype or other online/remote interview, indicate “Virtual Interview” in the “Location” drop down list. Don’t forget to include Skype or other login information in the Position Description and your Profile (for students) and in the Notes field (for the C3). The Career Center allows students to reserve interview modules to conduct video or phone interviews.

Employer On-Campus Interviews Policies

Pre-Select Policy:

Employers must provide their pre-select list to the Career Connections Center a minimum of 3 days (72 hrs) prior to the closing of the OCR schedule. Pre-Selects that are not submitted within that time frame, the employer must Self-Schedule their interviews for that OCR schedule

Adding Students to OCI Schedules:

Employers who wish to add students who do not meet the screening criteria for posted jobs to their applicant pools must submit the request in writing to the center.

Please send these requests to Please provide the job ID# and student name, UF email and UF ID (if possible) in the request.

For pre-select schedules, the center staff will add the student as ‘pending’, and the employer may then choose whether to invite the student for an interview. The Career Connections Center will communicate this action to the student.

How to request an OCR schedule:

  1. Login to Gator CareeLink
  2. Click on “OCR” and then “Schedules” on the left hand navigation column
  3. Click on “Request a Schedule”
  4. Fill out the form and press submit

For any questions regarding an on-campus interview schedule, please email or call 352-392-1601.