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Human Services, Consulting, and Education

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Human Services

The Human Services Career Cluster is dedicated to fulfilling basic human needs through its three pathways that are: Counseling and Mental Health Services; Family and Community Services; and Consumer Services. There are five additional career pathways within the human services cluster: consumer services, counseling and mental health services, early childhood development and services, family and community services, and personal care services. 

  • Speaking 
  • Active Listening 
  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Writing 
  • Active Learning  
  • Service Orientation  
  • Complex Problem Solving  
  • Judgment and Decision Making  
  • Persuasion  
  • Negotiation  
  • Coordination  
  • Learning Strategies   
  • Mathematics  
  • Social Perceptiveness  
  • Time Management  
  • Monitoring 
  • Systems Evaluation

Career Options

    • Clinical and Counseling Psychologists
    • Marriage and Family Therapists Bright Outlook
    • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers
    • Mental Health Counselors
    • Rehabilitation Counselors
    • Psychologists
    • Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors
    • Childcare Workers /Nannies
    • Family, and School Social Workers
    • Community and Social Service Specialists
    • Community Health Workers
    • Health Education Specialists
    • Healthcare Social Workers
    • Social and Community Service Managers
    • Social and Human Service Assistants

Get Involved!

A professional organization/association is a group that seeks to further the interests of professionals within a particular field. Professional organizations typically provide professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities for their members. Getting involved can often be great for career growth and advancement. The professional organizations listed below are most appropriate for students interested in occupations related to Human Services.

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