Healthcare Conference Day 1- Day 3

October 18 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

DATE: October 18

TIME: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Career Connections Center


The Healthcare Conference is a multi-day event designed to overview the healthcare landscape, expose you to current trends in healthcare, and equip you with skills to become a future healthcare professional. This event is for all pre-professional disciplines and public health practitioners. 


Location: Career Connections Center

Day 1: Learn About Your Career Options 

October 18, 2022 

Removing the Silos: Population and Patient Health 


Program Directors of the Bachelor of Public Health and Bachelor of Health Science will address trends in healthcare and contrast the impacts of various health professions and public health careers on the individual and population levels. Students will be lead through an interactive case study, where you will learn how to assess a patient for individual health markers as well as population-level factors that influence health. 

Presented by:  

  • Dr. Brittney Dixon, Director of the UF Bachelor of Public Health Program 
  • Dr. Michael D. Moorehouse, Director of the UF Bachelor of Health Science Program.  


Day 2: Enter the Conversation – Emerging Trends in Healthcare  

October 19, 2022 

Two breakout sessions will cover current developments in high-value areas of healthcare. Choose between a session on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare or Gender Inclusivity in Healthcare. 

Breakout Sessions 

Option 1: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 


In this brief AI session, we will introduce various examples of the use of AI methods in healthcare and public health, such as employing AI methods to assist with decision making in hospitals, new drug discovery, patient rehabilitation, developments of wearable technology, and finding novel solutions to increase access for public health and healthcare service. Overall, this session will serve as an initial exposure of AI applications in real world scenarios, focusing on addressing issues and challenges within healthcare and public health sectors. 

Presented by:  

  • Dr. Aprinda Indahlastari, Research Assistant Professor in the UF Department of Clinical and Health Psychology 
  • Dr. Muxuan Liang, Assistant Professor in the UF Department of Biostatics 
  • Dr. Gustavo Seabra, Research Associate Professor in the UF Department of Medicinal Chemistry 
  • Dr. Hongwu Wang, Assistant Professor and Director of the Technology for Occupational Performance (TOP) Lab 
  • Dr. Peter Kvam, Assistant Professor and Director of the Cognition & Decision Modeling Laboratory 

Option 2: Gender Inclusivity in Healthcare 


Whether you are cisgender, transgender, or non-binary, every patient deserves gender affirming care. Dr. Jennifer Evans, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, will review history, current trends, and recent developments in gender-based care. She will start from the basics and work up to give you a holistic picture on how to care for all patients inclusively. 

Presented by:  

  • Dr. Jennifer Evans, PsyD, License Clinical Psychologist in the UF Department of Endocrinology 


Day 3: Build Your Skills 

October 20, 2022  

Two breakout sessions will support your development as a future healthcare practitioner. Choose between a CPR certification course or learn how to develop health strategies from CVS Health. 

Option 1: CPR Certification by GatorCPR 


This is a paid session of which completion results in CPR Certification. 

In order to participate in this session, you must use this external link to reserve and purchase your discounted CPR Certification session: 

Option 2: Population Health Strategy by CVS Health 


Learn how to develop real-world tactics used in the country’s largest healthcare company. You will learn skills that to drive population health outcomes including driving vaccination rates, preventative care, and chronic disease management on a national scale. Tools you will be introduced to include digital marketing and nudging, artificial intelligence, and behavioral science. 


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