Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before an Interview

Preparation is the key to a successful interview

Kimberly Chin, Marketing Intern

You’ve applied for a few positions and now you have an interview. So how do your prepare? Nadene Reynolds, Associate Director for Professional Development and Experience at the Career Connections Center, shared some questions you should think about before heading off to your next interview.


1. What does the job entail?

Some people say “Yes” to a job without really knowing what they will be doing. Have an understanding of your tasks and responsibilities. Know what you are getting into and if you don’t, those questions need to be answered during the interview process. This will help you identify what skills to present to the employer. You can’t highlight your strengths and abilities if you don’t understand what you’re matching them to.



2.  What questions do I have for the interviewer?

Don’t wait until the day of the interview to start thinking what you will ask. This is an opportunity to learn about whether this job and organization are right for you or not. Prepare questions ahead of time and practice the questions out loud or with a Career Ambassador at the center.



3. What experiences do I have that translate well to the position?

Your resume got you the interview but it’s not enough to get you the job. Be able to talk through your experiences in a way that makes sense to a stranger who hasn’t experienced it. Tell the story of what you did and what you gained from your experiences. The employer might not be able to understand the depth and time commitment your roles took so make sure to communicate these well.



4. What is the interview schedule?

If it’s an all-day interview or there is a facility tour be mindful of the shoes you’re wearing. You want to make sure that you’ll be comfortable the entire time.



5. What do I need to know about the organization/job?

Do thorough research of the organization and find out as much as you can. Spend some time browsing the employer’s website and learn basic facts about them. Review the benefits of the job and identify the particular values you have that relate to where the organization is going.



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