Five Tips to Calm Your Interview Nerves

By Caroline Redmond, Marketing Intern

For most people, it seems like an interview and stress go hand in hand but it doesn’t have to be that way! We talked with Allie Simon, the Career Connections Center’s Senior Assistant Director for Career and Professional Development, and she gave us these five tips on how to calm you interview nerves:

Allie Ricker Career Resource Center's Senior Assistant Director for Career and Professional Development

1. Visualize

Before an interview, think about how you would ideally want to present yourself in the interview and then visualize yourself doing it. Think about how you want your personality to come across to your interviewer and picture this.

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2. Take a Deep Breath

Don’t forget to breathe! An interview can be a high-pressure situation but it is important to take a breath and collect yourself. When an interviewer asks a question, take a breath and think about what you want to answer. This process can slow down the interview and give you time to think about an intentional and thoughtful response to questions.

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3. Control Outside Problems

Before the interview, it is important to prepare beforehand so you can control outside problems. For example, figuring out where the interview is, if there will be traffic on the way, what you need to bring with you, etc. You can contact the recruiter before the interview with these questions, they will be happy to help! Remember- it is always better to over budget for time and arrive early than to under budget and arrive stressed and late.

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4. Think About Your Routine

The night before your interview it is important to center yourself. Think about what makes you relax and then do it; it could be exercising, watching your favorite movie, calling your mom, etc.

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5. Use Built-in Breaks

If your interview is longer and more complex, be sure to utilize all of the breaks that they give you. For example, if there is a 15-minute bathroom break, use ALL of the 15 minutes, no matter if you have to go to the bathroom or not. These breaks can help break the day up and give you some much needed “you” time.

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During an interview, you want to stay calm, cool and collected. Interviews are a crucial step in the job process and we know that they can cause stress but use these five tups and you will be on your way to getting your dream position!

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