Five Transferable Skills All Employers Are Looking For

By Caroline Redmond

It’s job and internship search season, and the first step to a successful search is a great resume! Are you struggling with how to describe your experience on your resume? If the answer is yes, take a look at our list of transferable skills that many employers are looking for. No matter what your background is or the career path you are taking, these skills, along with some helpful key words should be included on your resume to catch your favorite recruiter’s attention!

1. Communication/Interpersonal Skills

Your lack of communication disturbs me

Regardless of what your future goals are, communication skills are key. Adding keywords like assisted, guided, and taught to your resume shows employers that you are able to communicate your ideas to others clearly.

2. Adaptability


Employers are looking for people who can adapt to anything that the job throws at them. Include buzz words like adjusted, fixed, and amended on your resume, it will show employers that you are the adaptable candidate that they are looking for!

3. Leadership

Leadership it's kind of a big deal

Keywords like led, controlled, and delegated communicate to employers that you have experience leading a group, which is a highly marketable skill.

4. Analytical Skills


Keywords such as developed, solved, and reviewed show employers that you are able to assess a situation or problem and decide an outcome. Remember, employers like people who come up with solutions, not problems!

5. Innovation

Spongebob Innovation

The value of being able to come up with new ideas and methods of thinking is not overlooked by employers. Use keywords like founded, proposed, and shaped on your resume to showcase your creative side.


No matter what your background is and what field you want to go into, these are five transferable skills that all employers are looking for! Put these keywords on your resume and you’ll be on your way to greatness!


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