Four Reasons to Create Your Own Personal Professional Website

A personal professional website can be a great tool to show employers the work you have done and showcase your skills. A professional website is something that students of all majors should consider making. We sat down with Jaime Harsell, the Career Connections Center’s Assistant Director for Career and Industry Engagement, and she gave these four reasons why you should create a personal professional website.

Jamie Harsell the center


1. Professional Branding

A professional website can help you curate your own professional brand. It is an invaluable tool to show employers who you are as a professional, outside of your resume.


2. Becoming a Better Writer, Editor, and Critical Thinker

Through the creation process that comes along with making your own website, your writing and editing skills will improve. You will have to write original content for every page and edit it for grammar and logic.



3. Finding Your Own Voice

Your professional website can help you discover your professional voice. Do you want to come across as serious and proficient or more relaxed and creative? Whichever route you choose, you can use your website to communicate your voice to employers.


4. Professional Development

Creating your own website helps you retain the information from your coursework and synthesize it with real world application



A personal professional website is an easy-to-access, online portfolio of your work, accomplishments and professional self. If used correctly, a website can propel you to new job opportunities and beyond.



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By Caroline Redmond

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