How to Work in Startups: Traits Employers Look For

Have you ever wanted to work in startups?  You’re not alone! Startup companies not only have the reputation of being innovative but also of providing employees with a casual and fun office environment. To work for a new company that offers you endless room to grow, you have to know what that company is looking for.

Startup companies have different needs than an already established company. While working for a startup may seem like an attractive option, there are also certain aspects you must be comfortable with such as accepting change. If this sounds like your dream job, these are the four qualities that employers look for in their hiring candidates.

  1. Curiosity

As a prospective employee, you have to be curious not only about the purpose of the company but how it wants to grow. In a startup company, ideas are constantly flowing among its creators. The ability to have a curious and open mind can help you evolve with the company and will show your superiors that you too want to think of unique ideas that lead to expanding the company.

  1. Work Ethic

A casual and fun office environment comes with a lot of work—sometimes, at bizarre hours.  Working in a non-traditional office may mean non-traditional hours. To work in a startup company, you must have amazing work ethic. The business’s success not only relies on your bosses but the employees as well. Since a startup company usually relies on a small team, your job description isn’t your only responsibility. You have to be game to get your hands dirty and roll with the punches. Forget about how the company can help you, how can you help them?

  • Communication
  • For a startup company, internal and external communication is key. Unlike an established company, the employees of startups also serve as the public face of the company. Having effective communication increases the number of opportunities your company is presented with. As a potential hire, make sure that you are aware of your social media sites and ensure that you are using them efficiently.

             4. Ability to Take Risks

    To work in startups, you have to be able to gamble a little. Success is not guaranteed with any company, which is why startup companies thrive on employees who provide innovative ideas and aren’t afraid to think outside of the box. The best part is that if your idea doesn’t work out then its okay… Startup companies are okay with trial and error as long as it doesn’t have a negative, long-term effect on the company.


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