Power of the Liberal Arts Major

Whether you are a freshman trying to find your way or you are a senior wrapping up your last year here, your chosen major is an important factor to the career you wish to pursue after college. Many find security in choosing majors that have clear cut paths like engineering. A student may major in engineering and then afterwards they are engineers. It is pretty self-explanatory. However, not all majors are as crystal clear as engineering. This may be the reason why many students steer away from Liberal Arts majors. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) has majors such as English and Women Studies as well as chemistry, biology or international studies. However, what many people overlook is the major significance that Liberal Arts majors contribute to the workforce which is versatility.

UF CLAS prioritizes your major’s to be contextualized once you graduate. Meaning you do not just take classes in your discipline. CLAS students are required to take classes that are outside their scope to allow room for cultural, language and humanity coursework. There is a reason that CLAS students are required to take two semesters of a foreign language and why computer science majors are required to take up a minor in CLAS like anthropology or sociology. This guides students to look beyond the data and really supplement your studies with course that challenge your critical thinking and written communication skills. This holistic type of learning explains why some of our most top researchers and leaders in the science fields are anthropologists.

So you may be asking yourselves, do employers really care about all that stuff? The answer is YES, they most certainly do. Bilingualism is a huge benefit when applying to jobs in healthcare, legal services or any other public servant position. Students whom embody the technical skills required for their positions AND are able to communicate effectively to lead others, are more likely to be hired than their singular skilled counterpart. Having an understanding of the world makes us better leaders and collaborators.

So, if you’re graduating this summer with a liberal arts degree, our society will not progress without you and UF is lucky to have you as an alumnus. And if you’re just starting out here at UF deciding on a major, pick a major where you can discover your own path.
Need help with navigating the CLAS majors? Visit our Embedded Liaison Andie Cochran who specifically focuses on the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and helps students feel that direct connection to the Career Connections Center.

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