The Career Connections Center strives to foster a culture of appreciation by recognizing employees who personify the Career Connections Center Strategic Core. The Recognize, Impact, Serve and Engage (R.I.S.E) program reflects our values as an organization and the importance of staff’s contribution to the C3, our stakeholders, and the greater community.

R.I.S.E acknowledges C3 employees who have made significant contributions through their behaviors, actions and attitudes in support of the C3 strategic plan during the academic year. If you have been impacted by the efforts of a C3 employee to propel the C3’s mission and vision, please help us recognize them by submitting a SunR.I.S.E Kudos in one of the following themed categories:

  • Customer Service – provide exemplary service to students and stakeholders
  • Innovation – creative enhancements to the experience of others
  • Collaboration (internal and external) – partnering and aligning as an avenue for engagement
  • Boundary Spanning – expanding presence in new spaces, networks, and landscapes
  • Telling the C3 Story – use data to showcase outcomes and trends to share