Six Ways to Land the Perfect Internship

You know what career path you want to take, why not get started as quickly as possible.

Kimberly Chin,
the center Marketing Intern

To get a job, you must have experience. Internship opportunities are a great way to develop the professional skills you can use to land a full-time opportunity. We asked Julia Fleming, Assistant Director for Career Development, to highlight some of the important considerations to make before going after that internship.

  1. Figure out the industry or job type that you want. Do you want to work for a Fortune 500 company, a nonprofit or just any internship in your field of study?InternshipBlog_gif-1
  2. Start big then narrow down your search. Look at specific companies. Ask yourself are you location bound. Decide on whether you would accept a nonpaid internship or only paid internships.
  3. Use your network! This is the most underutilized approach and can be very helpful with your internship search. Talk to faculty members because they have had students in the past that have gotten internships. Talk to members of student organizations that you are a part of or even just classmates. They could give you advice on how they got their internship.
  4. Don’t be afraid to reach out to past internships if you have had them. Reach out to the supervisor and ask them if they know of any other internships. It’s a small world.
  5. Come in to the Career Connections Center to get all your documents reviewed.
  6. Go through the Gator Professional Series: Navigating Your Search track. It teaches you how to build a resume and cover letter, network, how to navigate the internship process and how to be successful on the job after you get the internship.

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