The Power of a Networking Buddy

What is a networking buddy?  

If the idea of networking in a room full of strangers sounds about as fun as getting your wisdom teeth pulled, you're not alone! While most people find the idea of networking to be both scary and overwhelming, it can also be one of the most powerful tools in your job/internship search. Having a networking buddy can make this process less intimidating and more meaningful.  

A networking buddy is a friend/coworker/classmate that you go through the job search process with. But why should you try to find a networking buddy? Here are the top three reasons why you should bring a networking buddy with you to the next event you attend.  

  1. Accountability  

One of the greatest benefits of having a networking buddy is that they keep you accountable. It's easy to wake up the morning of a career fair, talk yourself out of attending and going back to sleep. Though, if you have a networking buddy it is much harder to back out when someone is counting on you to show up.  

       2  Sense of Security  

A networking buddy can help you with pep talks, debriefing, and receiving feedback. Sometimes it is comforting to know someone in the crowd that will lend you an ear.

       3  Achieving Balance  

Having a networking buddy can also help you achieve a healthy balance when it comes to setting goals for both networking and jobs/internships. Your buddy can help you set reasonable goals for the networking event, such as how many companies you need to talk to before you can leave.  

When to Leave the Buddy Behind 

All of the points listed above are great reasons to have a networking buddy, but it is also important to know when you should go on your own for one-on-one networking. While it is ok to have a buddy in line with you at a career event, know that when it is your time to speak to the recruiter, you need to have that conversation on your own.  

Next time you need to attend a networking event, but are dreading having to go alone, bring a friend and give the idea of a networking buddy a try!  

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