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2022-2023 Annual Report


The Career Connections Center (C3) is the University of Florida’s comprehensive career services operation responsible for providing all students with world-class career and professional development. As the # 2 Career Center in the country according to Best Colleges, the C3 prepares students for contributions in work, citizenship, and life. The center supports the overall student experience starting during student orientation and moving beyond graduation. The C3’s mission is to educate and create connections for the University of Florida community to facilitate the holistic career development of students. The center provides various services, tools, networks, and events for UF students and alumni. Whether exploring career options, developing professional skills, finding meaningful experience, or preparing for life after graduation, the C3 is there to help students on their unique journey. Through the university’s Career Pathways initiative, students can access customized information, connections, and programs to personalize their professional development experience and community. The Career Connections Center is a UF tradition. We recommend that UF students engage early and often with the Career Connections Center to enhance their University of Florida experience and post-graduation success. 



Total Student Connections

Unique Connections with 50% of UF Students

Total Employment Connections

career fair registrations
Jobs posted to Gator CareerLink each month
Unique employers came to campus


Career Prep Process

The University of Florida is dedicated to fostering students' career exploration and professional development. In line with this commitment, we proudly introduce the Career Prep process, a strategic initiative poised to provide students with essential information, tools, and resources, all within their inaugural year as scholars. Over the Summer, the University of Florida unveiled the comprehensive Career Prep process, designed to empower students and align their academic and career trajectories. This initiative has been shaped in direct response to Florida House Bill 1261. It represents an institution-wide endeavor to guide students toward sound academic and career decisions that align with their individual aspirations. 

Within the first semester of a student's academic journey, two Career Prep expectations will be added to their student record. This comprehensive program will undoubtedly contribute to our students' academic success and long-term career fulfillment. We invite administrators to recognize the strategic significance of the Career Prep process in our institutional landscape and to engage in its implementation to further the objectives of our esteemed university. 

Deloitte Future of Work Institute

The Career Connections Center partnered with Deloitte this year to offer UF students the opportunity to participate in Deloitte’s Future of Work Institute. This specialized two-day boot camp experience exemplifies the C3’s commitment to preparing learners for success in a rapidly evolving professional landscape. Led by seasoned professionals from Deloitte, a globally renowned leader in professional services, the Future of Work Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses three core labs and two supplementary activities. Through these immersive and interactive sessions, participants gain a profound understanding of the dynamic shifts in the world of work. 

The primary objective of the Future of Work Institute is to enhance our students' career readiness to excel in the current workforce. It strongly emphasizes nurturing crucial human skills and capabilities that employers highly covet. Additionally, the program delves deep into the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the very nature of work, ensuring our students are well-prepared to navigate and harness the potential of this technological revolution. Notably, this initiative is inclusive, with a diverse cohort of 61 students spanning all academic levels, from enthusiastic freshmen beginning their academic journeys to seasoned Ph.D. candidates. Their participation reflects the University of Florida's unwavering commitment to providing students with valuable opportunities for growth and development at every stage of their educational pursuits.

As an enticing incentive, all Future of Work Institute participants can earn a prestigious Deloitte Future of Work micro-credential via Credly. This recognition not only underscores their dedication but also a valuable addition to their professional portfolios, showcasing their commitment to staying at the forefront of a rapidly evolving job market. In essence, the University of Florida's involvement in the Future of Work Institute represents our dedication to providing our students with cutting-edge, real-world experiences that enrich their academic journey and empower them to excel in their future careers. It's a testament to our commitment to fostering holistic growth and preparing our students to be leaders and innovators in the ever-changing world of work. 

UF students actively participated in the Future of Work Institute, a specialized two-day boot camp experience to equip learners with essential human skills to thrive in an ever-evolving professional landscape. Led by experienced professionals from Deloitte, the event guided participants through three immersive core labs and two supplementary activities. These interactive sessions enhanced students' readiness to excel in the current workforce. They deepened their understanding of the importance of cultivating human skills and capabilities, along with the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on the nature of work. Notably, this cohort included 61 students spanning all academic levels, from freshmen to PhD candidates, all eligible to earn a Deloitte Future of Work micro credential through Credly. 

Fall Career Showcase and the Hurricane

In September of 2022, Hurricane Ian made landfall in the state of Florida, necessitating a swift and coordinated emergency response effort across the region. During this period, the Career Connections Center (C3) diligently prepared to host more than 400 employers for the Fall 2022 Career Showcase Week. 

Following the storm, which fortuitously had a relatively minor impact on the University of Florida's campus, the Career Connections Center embarked upon a mission to safeguard UF students' prospects during the critical recruiting season. Remarkably, the initial two days of the Career Showcase proceeded as scheduled, encompassing Non-Technical Day and the AI, Computer & Information Science & Engineering Fairs. Despite the impending adverse weather conditions, more than 1700 students attended these events on Monday and Tuesday, actively engaging with prospective employers. 

Regrouping and rescheduling the missed days was undertaken with utmost dedication to ensure opportunities for technical students, whose day of Career Showcase was impacted the most due to the storm. Virtual and in-person events were successfully rescheduled, taking place a mere few weeks after the initial cancellation, accommodating all stakeholders involved. 

The week of October 25, the JW Reitz Union building welcomed 155 companies and 2,688 students throughout the day, facilitating invaluable connections. Furthermore, the C3 adeptly extended its reach by virtually hosting the Career Showcase and Diversity Meet-Up event through the Gator Career Link platform, thus accommodating companies unable to physically travel to the campus. Within the Career Connections Center, dedicated fairs for Agricultural & Biological Engineering and Material Science Engineering & Nuclear Engineering were hosted, promoting sector-specific engagement and networking opportunities. 

The Career Connections Center genuinely expresses its profound gratitude for the collective efforts of the entire university community, with special recognition for the support provided by the Division of Student Life and our esteemed employer partners. Their commitment and collaborative spirit have left an indelible mark, emphasizing the importance of fostering career connections as a cornerstone of the student experience. 



GROUP career planning engagements

Individual Career Planning Engagements

Career Fair attendance

CHOMP engagements
Website Visits
Students and Alumni used Gator CareerLink

Student Social Capital Opportunities

% increase in Group Career Planning
% increase in Career Fair Attendance
% increase in students and alumni using Gator CareerLink
"100% of first and second year students engage with the Career Connections Center.”


Scalability of Career Services  


The work of the C3 is at the center of several UF and State of Florida priorities. With these initiatives comes an increased demand for career services at UF. Quinncia has allowed the C3 to scale services to meet these needs by providing students with direct access to resume and interviewing services previously only provided individually by C3 staff. Quinncia is an interactive, artificial intelligence-based, solution that provides students with 24/7 access to resume reviews and customized AI practice interviews. The Quinncia system is based on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and artificial intelligence interview systems used by employers, ensuring student feedback is relevant to current industry processes. This tool acts as a first line of service for students and since C3 staff are now spending less time on these services, they have increased their capacity for deeper, more meaningful career conversations with students. Workshops and outreach presentations have also been enhanced by providing students with a career action step to complete immediately after the program. Quinncia has helped the C3 fulfill the vision for each UF student to have a meaningful career experience while pursuing their degree. It also has allowed the C3 to provide experience in AI to all students, helping to secure UF’s mission to become a leader in artificial intelligence in higher education.  

So far, Quinncia has saved C3 staff advising time by reviewing over 800 resumes since it’s launch October 2022. We have seen students from several classes engaging with Quinncia, while others are from free signups from our website or referrals from career planning appointments.  

Learn more about Quinncia by clicking https://career.ufl.edu/quinncia/ 

Graduway (Gator Network)

Gator Network is the official University of Florida online community for UF students and alumni to connect for networking, professional development, and virtual access to the Gator Nation. This platform is open to all UF students and alumni and was brought to the university community through a collaborative partnership between the Career Connections Center, the University of Florida’s Alumni Association, and Student Government. The platform's launch on May 30th, 2023, has already garnered exceptional engagement with over 767 private messages and 1104 networking interactions showcasing its rapid impact and resonance within the community. One of the most remarkable aspects of Gator Network is its pioneering approach to mentoring, which provides 24/7 access to guidance and knowledge. This unwavering availability ensures that learning and support are readily accessible whenever they are needed, reflecting our commitment to nurturing growth and development among our students and alumni. The platform successfully launched to the UF Community on May 30th, 2023, and has seen 68% user engagement in the first 2 months alone.  

  • 767 private messages, 
  • 1104 networking interactions, 
  • 668 resource interactions, 

Learn more about Gator Network by clicking https://career.ufl.edu/alumni/gator-network/ 



Unique Companies Recruiting at uf
Fortune 100 Companies recruiting
Employer Education Touchpoints
Artificial Intelligence Job and internship postings
Percent Increase in New Companies Registered with UF

Top 10 Fortune 100 Companies Recruiting with UF

  • Walmart
  • Apple
  • CVS Health*
  • Cardinal Health
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Lowe's
  • Bank of America
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Wells Fargo
  • PepsiCo

Gainesville Companies Recruiting with UF

* This is a sample of employers who recruit with the Career Connections Center

  • City of Gainesville
  • Exactech 
  • Infotech
  • James Moore & Co. 
  • LifeSouth Community Blood Center
  • Scorpio

Career Treks

The Career Connections Center remains committed to creating opportunities for our students to connect with local businesses, learn from industry leaders, and gain real-world insights that will pave the way for their future success. In collaboration with partners from MFOS (Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars) and the Innovation Academy, organized an insightful and engaging visit to local companies, Vobile and Exactech on Tuesday, June 6th. The aim of this initiative was to expose students to the cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in these industries and to connect them with local employers. 

During this extraordinary field trip, 10 enthusiastic students had the privilege of visiting Vobile, the leading SaaS provider for digital content assets protection and monetization, and Exactech, a company renowned for developing innovative implants, instruments, and technologies for joint replacement. This unique experience allowed our students to witness firsthand how these two industry leaders are leveraging AI to revolutionize their respective fields. 

The visit was structured to maximize engagement and learning. Each employer thoughtfully engaged the students through a presentation, followed by a question-and-answer segment that encouraged insightful discussions. To provide a holistic understanding of their operations, the students were given a tour of the facilities. The highlight of the day was the interactive learning segment, which provided our students with a hands-on experience of how AI is integrated into the daily operations of these companies. This experience was both enriching and meaningful for all those involved – the students, the employers, and our partners. These industry site visits not only broadened the students' horizons about the applications of AI but also allowed them to witness the practical implications of what they are learning in their academic courses. 

Employer Advisory Board

The Career Connections Center’s Employer Advisory Board comprises 31 notable and actively engaged recruiting organizations representing various industries, geographic locations, and company sizes. Members serve a two-year term to inform the center's efforts by serving as consultants for recruitment trends, recruiting best practices, and university initiatives and championing enhanced industry engagement across the institution. 

Employer Advisory Board engagement includes employer peer connections, employer feedback and support for the center's planning and programs, resources and education for recruitment best practices, timely sharing of university updates, and access to student career programming opportunities. 

The Career Connections Center would like to thank the following companies for their commitment to the 2022-2024 UF Employer Advisory Board: 

Florida Companies Recruiting with UF

* This is a sample of employers who recruit with the Career Connections Center

    • Aviation and Aerospace
    • Lockheed Martin 
    • Pratt & Whitney 
    • Cleantech 
    • GE 
    • Siemens 
    • Defense and Homeland Security 
    • Honeywell 
    • L3 Harris 
    • Lockheed Martin 
    • Northrop Grumman 
    • Raytheon Technologies 
    • Financial and Professional Services 
    • Citi 
    • Navy Federal Credit Union 
    • Verizon 
    • Headquarters 
    • Citrix 
    • Publix 
    • Information Technology 
    • Citrix 
    • Electronic Arts 
    • Life Sciences 
    • Arthrex 
    • Exactech 
    • Johnson & Johnson 
    • Logistics and Distribution 
    • Amazon 
    • Publix 
    • Total Quality Logistics (TQL) 
    • Manufacturing and Operations 
    • GE 
    • L3Harris 
    • Northrop Grumman 
    • Nucor 

Our Partners

Row of company logos

Partner Fairs

Florida Statewide Job Fair

The 2023 Florida Statewide Job Fair, hosted by the University of Florida and accessible to students from all State University System (SUS) institutions in Florida, exhibited a significant enhancement in the student experience, registering a notable 28% upsurge in participation compared to previous years. This improvement was primarily attributable to advancing the communication timeline and scheduling the event earlier in the year, ensuring a heightened level of engagement among attendees before their summer break. The University of Florida successfully harnessed the capabilities of the Simplicity platform, empowering employers to realize an extended return on investment by facilitating seamless access to student resumes and fostering direct engagement. Concurrently, the job board hosted via Symplicity, which remained accessible post-event, garnered a substantial influx of over 2,000 job applications. 

Fastest Growing Industries Recruiting at UF

  • Engineering and Mathematics
  • Architecture, Construction and Planning 
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Education - Post Secondary and Higher Education
  • Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Law/Legal Services
  • Real Estate and Rental and Leasing Services
  • Education - Elementary and Secondary

This aligns with the growth rates recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics data for this time frame. Of note, the C3 did see higher growth in Healthcare than might be expected based on the BLS’ data.

There were
job postings
This is a
% increase from last year


The Career Connections Center (C3) educates students in preparing for the future of work and gaining the tools, networks, and skills needed to be successful. The C3 prioritizes the degree and how industry credentials and experiential learning allow students to apply learning from the classroom and build networks for world readiness: prepared to achieve their goals in work, citizenship, and life. The C3's partnership with faculty and staff extends beyond classroom or campus programs and extends to students' post-graduation success. Together, faculty, staff, and the C3 equip students for their journeys as lifelong learners and global citizens. 

Outreach Attendance

Career Pathways

In the Fall of 2022, the Career Connections Center launched a new initiative to prepare UF students for the future of work.  Career Pathways is the university's non-linear model for educating students about career options while integrating institutional services and offerings. Through Career Pathways, students create meaningful experiences and connections with industry, engage in experiential learning, and partner with campus units – all with the understanding that major does not equal career. 

The Career Pathways model empowers students to build world readiness, preparing them to achieve their goals in work, citizenship, and life. The following are the four themes for engagement:  

Industry Education– exposes students to the possibilities available to them, making them aware of new and emerging trends in their careers and expanding options for their futures.  

Customization– leverages university resources to educate students entering a diverse set of industries, meeting the unique career needs of every student.  

Social Capital– creates connections through people; students are part of the Gator Nation, a powerful network to advance their professional development and career opportunities. 

Post-Graduation Success – educates students about the value of gaining experience to support their world readiness and career mobility, enhancing their student experience.

Visit career.ufl.edu/career-pathways/ to learn more. 

Partner Event Participation

Event   2022 - 2023
Student Participation
Employer Registration 
Fall Showcase – AI CISE Fair  164052
Fall Showcase – ABE Rescheduled  7210
Fall Showcase – MSE-NE Rescheduled  818
Spring – AI CISE Fair 93025

Faculty and Staff Symposium 

The Career Connections Center invited the UF community to its annual Faculty and Staff Career Symposium on April 28, 2023. This year attendees were given the opportunity to explore the many and varied connections between curriculum, career, and experiences inside and outside of the classroom that support student success. The symposium highlighted practices and partnerships in curricular and co-curricular spaces that encourage students to be curious, gain experience, and make connections needed for meaningful work, citizenship, and life pursuits. 

Breakout Sessions 

  • Integrating Technical Skills & Career Awareness into Curricula and Instruction – Dr. Tamara Mandell, Director, UF Biotility  
  • Supporting Graduate and Professional Students Through Rapidly Changing Career Landscapes – Kimone Simmons, Professional Development and Training Specialist III, and Dr. Talline Martins, Director, Office of Graduate Professional Development  
  • AI-Based Resume Evaluation to Communicate Skills and Professional Growth – Dr. Matthew Traum, Senior Lecturer and Associate Instructional Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, and Jessica Hendrick, Manager for Career Engagement, Career Connections Center  
  • Connecting Employer Partners & Recruiting Trends to Your Curriculum – Beline Lafayette, Manager, and Mario Pietroluongo and Joe Trotter, Career Coaches, Industry Engagement, Career Connections Center  

Career in the Curriculum Mini-Sessions 

  • Development of a Resume Module to Facilitate Professional Identity Exploration – Dr. Sarah Furtney, Instructional Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator & J. Crayton Pruitt Family Term Fellow, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering  
  • Creating a Toolkit for Career Conversations – Sara Jay, Sr. Assistant Director for Career Engagement, Career Connections Center  
  • Elevating Experiential Learning at UF Together – Keira Simmonds, Associate Director for Experiential Learning and Campus Inclusion  


Employer Testimonials

“The Career Connections Center and our partnership with them has changed the way that we are able to recruit from UF. It has made us more successful.”
“The C3 does a great job organizing their events and communicating with employers! I greatly enjoy working with the Career Connections Center and UF staff as a whole.”


The Career Connections Center is National Recognized and Locally Engaged: 

14 Local, Regional, and National Conferences Attendance

10 Local, Regional, and National Conferences Presentations

1 Local, Regional, and National Associations Webinar Presentations

1 Staff Award

4 National or Regional Committee Service

5 UF Campus Committee Service

2 Local Gainesville Committee Service

4 Professional Certification Received

4 Staff teaching UF courses