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Strategic Core

2020 - 2025 Strategic Core

In our unrelenting pursuit of excellence the Career Connections Center outlined a strategic core of five focus areas around which to encase our priorities over the next five years (2020-2025). These areas are a result of an intensive listening tour and a series of focus groups engaging more than 300 stakeholders over a nine-month period.The strategic core has allowed the Center to align its commitment to not only students but to the greater university community. These priorities reflect the focus areas of career services at UF in order to positively impact student success.


Provide advanced and holistic career services to foster positive outcomes for UF students after graduation and lifelong career engagement

Offer personalized and phased career services

  • Engage students early to encourage self-awareness, career exploration and self-efficacy
  • Provide students with professional development and industry education and exposure
  • Empower students through experiential learning and connect experience to transferable skill development
  • Prepare students to adapt to life after graduation and the future of work

Increase student utilization of and engagement with the Career Connections Center

  • Expand access to and scalability of the Career Connections Center’s services
  • Integrate the Career Action Plan into service delivery, programming, resources, and assessment to drive engagement and storytelling throughout the UF career ecosystem
  • Support changing student demographics and the globalized workforce through customized programming and services

Enhance the student experience with the Career Connections Center

  • Plan and deliver theory-based programming and services
  • Maintain student satisfaction score of at least four out of five for all career planning services

Elevate the quality and consistency of career development at the University of Florida

  • Align and coordinate career services across campus

Transform the recruitment experience to create a robust talent pipeline connecting UF candidates with employers 

Increase all types of employment opportunities for UF students 

  • Connect students with employers recruiting for permanent positions post-graduation.
  • Increase access to experiential education and opportunities.
  • Increase the number of industry partners that actively recruit on campus
  • Position UF as a preferred campus for industry recruitment and engagement

Increase employer participation in career development 

  • Develop methods for all industry levels to participate in programming/practices
  • Infuse globalization and diversity trends affecting the future of work into recruitment services to support changing student demographics and the globalized workforce.

Align and coordinate industry engagement throughout the UF career ecosystem  

  • Leverage career influencers and university corporate relations to expand pathways for employers and UF candidates.
  • Support the state’s economic and workforce development plans


Cultivate purposeful partnerships to impact UF student success and career readiness

Increase campus connections and community resources to foster a collaborative career ecosystem in support of students’ post-graduation success.

  • Develop crucial relationships and build networks within the Division of Student Affairs in addition to non-academic support services and student organizations to enhance the student experience.
  • Develop crucial relationships and build networks to collaborate with academic colleges including online education programs to align and integrate curricular and career development efforts.
  • Develop crucial relationships and build networks to collaborate with alumni in addition to local and state organizations to expand industry engagement, experiential learning opportunities, and professional connections.

Ensure talent management, physical infrastructure and administrative processes of the Career Connections Center reflect the University of Florida’s commitment to excellence

Establish the Career Connections Center as a workplace of choice

  • Recruit top talent to impact the field of career services.
  • Retain top talent by investing in staff through professional development that align with the center’s vision and values.
  • Infuse diversity and inclusion efforts to enhance our collective identity and create a sense of belonging

Ensure ethical, sustainable and efficient business practices

  • Establish and maintain an organizational infrastructure to support high caliber programs and services consistent with a preeminent institution
  • Bolster sound financial stewardship that aligns with University standards and center priorities

Maintain state of the art facility to support excellence in career services

  • Invest in technology, facility maintenance and environmental upgrades

Position the Career Connections Center as the leader in the field of career services at the University of Florida, within the state and throughout the nation 

Share in the institutional efforts to prepare students for work, citizenship, and life

  • Boundary span our messaging into new channels, networks, and professional landscapes

Support UF’s Rise to Five efforts through increased recognition as a nationally renowned career center

  • Infuse a comprehensive data strategy into the culture of the center to showcase impact on the university, student career development and the field of career services