Career Planning 101: Build a Relationship with Your Career Advisor

Career planning. For many students, these two words automatically cause a wave of stress but that shouldn’t be the case. As a UF student, you have a lot of support when it comes to career planning. The Career Connections Center and individual UF colleges offer a variety of free career services to help you plan your future. Between classes and extracurricular activities, life can definitely get a little hectic but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carve out sometime to take advantage of the career services available to you. One of the most important aspects of planning your career is to start building a professional relationship with your career advisor. We have gathered the top four tips on how to start building a professional relationship with your career advisor.


Seems simple enough, right? It is! The first step is to step into their office. There is nothing to be afraid of because they are trained and looking forward to helping you. If you’re looking to see one of the advisors at the Career Connections Center, simply make an appointment through Gator CareerLink. If you prefer to meet with an advisor in your college, make sure to research and utilize the appropriate channels. Want an advisor that’s familiar with your college but not necessarily part of it? The Career Connections Center has liaisons for a variety of UF colleges. Find your college’s liaison here.


How can they possibly help you if you don’t know what they can help you with?  If you need assistance with making career decisions, grad school, application documents, interviews and job/internship search then look no further! Career advisors are trained specifically to assist you with these things. If you’re looking for help regarding academics and/or scheduling of classes, then you should visit your academic advisor.


Prepare to explore! As Melissa Lyon, Assistant Director for Career and Professional Development said, “You’re the CEO of your career.” There’s a misconception behind career advisors but the truth is they won’t tell you what to pursue. Instead, they will help you work through your values, interests and skills to determine the most strategic action to take. They don’t govern your career; they are your partners.


Some students’ think that one appointment is enough… it’s not. You should really keep a consistent schedule and visit your advisor 2-3 times during the semester to update them and expand your interests. Done fixing your resume? Do you now need help with a cover letter? How can you use your previous experiences and skills as a mechanism to get hired? These could all be separate appointments. You should let your advisors know about your interests, goals and dreams.

Career planning is vital if you want a smooth transition as you go from college student to professional. Whether you’re figuring out what you want to do or know your goal and just need help on figuring out how to get there, our career advisors are here to help you. Don’t be shy and make your appointments today!

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