How to Find a Job After College: What You Should Know

Seniors! That time we all have been waiting for is fast approaching—caps, gowns, and CAREERS?! It seems like it was just yesterday that we were getting lost just roaming around campus and now we are about to take the most important walk of our lives across the graduation stage. While that in itself symbolizes many things, perhaps the most nerve wracking one is figuring out how to find a job after college. While leaving the planning for later might seem appealing, it could ultimately hinder you from getting your dream job.

So when should you start looking? The best answer: the sooner the better. Many students fail to realize that the job searching process isn’t measured in the span of days or weeks but by months. In order to limit the amount of stress caused by this process, you should use these tips:

  1. Prep Yourself

Students interacting at the Career Resource Center

Before you go dive into the job search make sure you’re well prepared. This means several things:

  • Update your LinkedIn profile
  • Update your website (if applicable)
  • Update your resume
  • Write cover letters
  • Get recommendation letters
  1. Research


Nine times out of ten, your job search will be smoother if you research companies that you’re interested in working for. Going in blindly can be overwhelming and extremely discouraging.

  1. Time


Don’t wait until the day of graduation to start applying for jobs. You should begin early in the beginning of your last semester. Normally, recruitment takes up to two months so starting early is not a bad thing. Just remember to include your expected graduation date in your applications.

  1. Apply For Roles You Are Qualified For 


Not all roles are for entry level candidates. It is crucial that you use your time wisely and apply for jobs you can actually say you’re qualified for. Also, look out for lines on applications that say “perfect for a recent grad.” That is for you!

  1. If You’re Not Applying, Network. 


If it’s too far out to apply, take advantage and network with as many people as possible. We highly encourage to go to any career fairs or workshops hosted by companies where you may be able to network.

If you are still wondering how to find a job after college or if you want more job search tips, make an appointment with a career adviser on Gator CareerLink.

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