Turning Your Gap Year into a Growth Year

So you have decided to take a gap year and it may be for a multitude of reasons. Money may have a large part in it or possibly, you just haven’t figured out what you want to do yet. Either way, what you do with your gap year is integral in setting yourself up for the future. If you are a student who does not know what to do with your degree, this is the perfect time to challenge yourself and engage in some crucial experiential education. This is the time to start getting those wheels turning and make a little bit of money along the way.

At the Career Connections Center we can sit down with you and go over some key helpful resources to find Temp positions for students looking to gain full-time work experience for a year. We are connected to 300+ employers that offer internship programs and we are more than thrilled to help bridge that gap between you and the next step that fits you best.

Resources like our Gator CareerLink can connect you with positions not only in the state of Florida but around the country. Gaining experience like volunteering, traveling through outreach programs, or part-time jobs during a gap year can help students grow significantly on a professional and personal level. In an independent study of 280 Gap Year students done by Karl Haigler and Rae Nelson who wrote the book The Gap Year Advantage, they found student’s highest reported response was that they found a better sense of who they were and what is important to them. Students also reported that their gap year provided them with additional skills and knowledge that contributed to their career or academic major later on in life.

When you have decided on what you will be doing for your gap year, make sure to absorb every minute of it. Take the extra time to shadow your supervisor on a meeting to learn more about what they do. At lunch time, ask questions and put yourself in the conversation Make it a point to keep a journal and at the end of every week begin to start narrowing down what you want to do next. Self-reflection and assessment is key during your gap year to really hone in on your passions. Seize opportunities that come your way and we guarantee you will not just have a gap year, but –yes, you said it a growth year too.

Remember, you have access to the Career Connections Center’s awesome career coaches up to a year after graduation so come visit us and start paving your path to success!

Have you considered taking a gap year after graduation? If so, share how you will reflect on your experience below.

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