How to find an on-campus job

Working on campus as a student offers great flexibility and opens an entirely new network. If you’re looking for a part-time job, there is no better place to work than at UF!  

Why should you work on-campus?  

When you are working for a UF department you are a student first! A normal workweek is 10 to 20 hours, and 20 hours per week is the maximum students may work on campus. Almost UF department offers part-time job opportunities for student.  

Not only do on-campus jobs put you first as a student, and make your commute from class easy, they also offer you an opportunity to gain the top skills employers are looking for in their new hires.  

According to the UF Graduation Survey, students who work during their time at UF are more likely to have obtain employment at the time of employment compared to those students who do not work!  

How do you find an on-campus job?  

Now that we have sold you on the benefit of working on-campus, I know you are thinking “how do I find an on-campus job?” This is the best part, all UF Departments post their open student positions through Careers at UF. Once one the Careers at UF’s website use the “Refine Search” toolbar on the right hand side to filter the jobs to just show you “student assistant” opening:  

Image of job search

One you have used this filter tool the list of open student positions will populate on the left hand side of site. On this list you will see both Federal Work Study (FWS) and Non-Federal Work Study positions. In order to apply for a FWS position you must have this as part of your financial aid packet, as these positions are federally funded and need-based. To learn more about the Federal Work Study program and how you can qualify visit the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships 

Once you find a position that is of interest to you, clink the title of the role to learn more about what this role entails, requirements for applicants, the salary, and when you will need to apply by. When you are ready to apply with a resume and cover letter , click the “apply now” button on the right hand side to start the application process.  

Wish you talk to the hiring departments in person before your apply?  

Well, you are in luck! The UF Career Connections Center hosts a Part-Time Job Fair every Fall semester in the Reitz Union North Lawn Terrace, and many on-campus hiring departments attend this fair looking to hire student positions.  

Need help preparing?  

If you need assistance in creating your resume, cover letter or what to expect at the Part-Time Job Fair, stop by the Career Connections Center during our Express Drop-in hours and one of our staff members will help you prepare your material.   

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