So You Graduated…Now What?

Six Ways to Take that Next Step

Kimberly Chin,
the center Marketing Intern


Graduating from college is a major milestone. We asked Julia Fleming, Assistant Director for Career Development, for her advice for the Class of 2016. Here are her words of wisdom.


1. Stop comparing yourself to other people

Understand you are not alone in this even though it may feel like you are.



2. Create a vision (self-reflection)

Ask yourself if you were guaranteed to be successful, what you would be doing. Think about what you want your next step to look like. Go as far as deciding what you want to do in a typical day and where you would live.




3. Think about your choices

After you figure out your vision, hopefully some choices have popped up in your head. Narrow down what you want to do and decide how you will move forward with it.




4. Set a Goal

This is always important. I want to be doing this by insert date here or I will apply for insert amount here jobs a week. This really depends on your vision and what you want your next step to look like.



5. Plan out action steps

A goal is just something out there and does not become reality until you take action on it. Make an action plan with small obtainable goals within the larger goal. Stop by the Career Connections Center to update your resume and CV. Figure out where you can find specific jobs. Be Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Time specific when planning. Being time specific is really important because it will keep you on track.




Find an accountability buddy, someone who is in the same boat as you. Keep each other accountable and morale up. You will be more likely to stay on task.



As an alumni of the University of Florida, you can access our many services. You can attend career fairs (including Career Showcase), workshops and employer information sessions.

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